Apr 6, 2021
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Gauguin Solntsev said that he was offered to participate in a famous television project with his 65-year-old wife

13:16, 04/06/2021

As part of the show, the couple will be monitored by cameras around the clock.

40-year-old showman Gauguin Solntsev famous for his scandalous personal life. For three years, the TV star has been married to a 65-year-old businesswoman Ekaterina Tereshkovich… The couple is attracted to themselves by not only a significant age difference, but also by frequent scandals. Spouses regularly become heroes of talk shows such as “Let them talk” and “Live”… And today it became known that Solntsev and Tereshkovich were offered to take part in a well-known television project, in which lovers will have to build a family under the supervision of cameras around the clock.

An interesting proposal was announced by Gauguin in his microblog on Instagram. However, the scandalous showman admitted that he was not sure whether to agree to participate in such a show. Solntsev noted that there are too many difficulties in their marriage with Catherine. “It seems to me that we are not the most positive couple with Katya, for an example of building a prosperous family, and there are so many skeletons in our closet that it will probably be difficult for society to understand us and our marriage,” the star explained (spelling and punctuation of the author here and further are given without changes.- Approx. ed.).

Gauguin Solntsev with Ekaterina Tereshkovich

However, Gauguin added that he had not fully decided on the answer that he would give to the television project. The showman asked the audience for advice. “Is our family created for such an“ educational ”process? We are what we are, and bad or good – well, here everyone judges to the extent of his depravity, “wrote Solntsev. Recall that another loud quarrel between an extravagant couple happened quite recently. Last month showman attended the show for the first time in a long time “Live” from Andrey Malakhov and stated that his wife forcibly locked him in a medical institution.

For about a year, Gauguin did not appear on television. As it turned out, all this time the star was undergoing treatment for alcohol addiction. According to Solntsev, with the help of blackmail Tereshkovich forced him to go to the clinic. The showman himself on the air of the show denied that he abused alcohol and, while intoxicated, behaved aggressively towards his wife. Gauguin did not admit even after Catherine provided video evidence – the star’s wife captured the scandal that her husband arranged for her after one of the stormy nights in the company with a bottle of alcohol.

Gauguin Solntsev appeared in the studio “Live” in a wheelchair

After a long discussion of the problem in the studio of “Live”, Solntsev said at all that he was ready to officially part with his wife. However, Catherine refused to give Gauguin a divorce just like that. The star’s wife put forward a condition under which she agrees to sign the necessary papers – for divorce Tereshkovich demanded from the showman seven and a half million rubles… The words of her beloved about extreme money angered Solntsev. Gauguin defiantly removed the wedding ring from his finger and threw the jewelry at his wife.

It should be added that at the beginning of the relationship, Catherine was the main support for Gauguin. It was Tereshkovich who helped the star to cope with a difficult period in her life. The couple met shortly after Solntsev’s former lover died in tragic circumstances. The girl was killed by a Bitsa maniac. The death of the chosen one provoked depression in Gauguin. According to the showman, he was able to survive the tragedy only thanks to Catherine, who began to visit him at home and help with cooking and cleaning, and then persuaded him to go on a trip.

Gauguin Solntsev with Ekaterina Tereshkovich at his wedding

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