Sep 9, 2021
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Gasoline has fallen in price … by 15 kopecks: Pronko voiced a paradox "energy superpower"

Gasoline in Russia has fallen in price … by 15 kopecks. Meanwhile, one of the fuel retail chains complained of losses. Yuri Pronko voiced the paradox of an “energy superpower”: “This is our business today.”

Gasoline prices in Russia have decreased for the first time since September 2020, the economic observer of the channel Yuri Pronko drew attention on the air of the Tsargrad. Main program.

Fuel fell in price in 68 regions of the country, and on average across Russia – by 15 kopecks, Rosstat reported. According to these data, the increase in the cost of gasoline over the past week was recorded only in 11 constituent entities of Russia.

The Ministry of Energy noted that the price situation is improving, since oil companies are fully fulfilling their obligations to saturate the domestic market. In August, it became known that the authorities abandoned radical measures to stabilize the situation with prices for gasoline and diesel fuel.

Meanwhile, Vitaly Maslov, top manager of Shell’s retail network in Russia, announced the risk of bankruptcy, which threatens some of the independent filling stations, which occupy 60% of the national market. For example, Shell has been receiving a loss of 1.5 rubles for every liter of gasoline sold over the past eight months.

The host of the “First Russian” expressed bewilderment at the last fact. He saw a strange paradox in this, recalling the status of our country in the international market:

Not only is the processing of raw materials in our country unprofitable thanks to the clever people from some ministries, but in our country the sale of fuel is also unprofitable. […] This is our business today – in an energy superpower.

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