Aug 23, 2022
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Gas already for 3,000 euros: Europe is preparing for a nightmare that it created

Gas already for 3,000 euros: Europe is preparing for a nightmare that it created

Photo: Frank Hormann/SVEN SIMON/picture Alliance/TASS

The cost of energy carriers in Europe continues to grow steadily, and there is no end in sight to this process. Another “barrier” has been taken, but it will not be the last. The storage facilities of many states are more than half full, but there is definitely not enough gas for all needs. Experts predict mass deaths from hypothermia, in some places a total energy saving mode has been introduced.

According to the London Stock Exchange ICE, the price of a thousand cubic meters for the first time since March 8 this year has exceeded 3,000 euros. There is panic in the European Union, and Gazprom, with a certain degree of causticity, predicts that in winter blue fuel will rise in price to 4,000 euros and more.

On August 31, Nord Stream will be turned off altogether, the only remaining turbine requires preventive maintenance (maintenance). Yes, just for a couple of days, but under this case, quotes on the stock exchange will jump even higher. Indeed, in addition to completely objective reasons related to the lack of energy resources, there are also speculators on the trading floors who are bullish. These “bears” do not care about the state of affairs in the EU, and they represent, for the most part, the global financial kahal. Which, in fact, has already written off the Europeans for scrap.

And for a long time. The problems of the energy supply of the Old World could have been solved two or three decades ago, finally and irrevocably. Do you want to get away from gas addiction? Yes, no question – you can build a nuclear power plant on every corner, in fact, as the Chinese are doing now. The Celestial Empire is implementing a program according to which the “peaceful atom” will be present in every regional center. The Europeans could have done something similar a long time ago, fortunately, there are recognized leaders in nuclear energy, for example, France (more than 70% of electricity is generated at nuclear power plants).

But they didn’t. Monsieurs all these years successfully fought off attempts to eliminate their nuclear programs, and everyone else closed the nuclear power plant. Against any logic. On the one hand, local authorities constantly squeal about all kinds of ecology, on the other hand, they destroy what really saves nature.

Sometimes it seems that the European Union is run exclusively by “alternatively gifted” metrosexuals who have received a fictitious education in the humanities. Of course, there are more than enough of them in Brussels, but they do not control anything. The EU is not a sovereign entity at all, it is a kind of “patchwork quilt” sewn together under the leadership of overseas bankers. Actually, they are the so-called “US ruling circles” (not to be confused with the assessors of the White House there, they are nothing more than puppets) – and determine the policy of the EU. And the interests of the inhabitants of the Old World are in last place here.

The balls are already tearing their hair out and longingly remembering the Ignalina nuclear power plant, which they closed under pressure from the United States. Local nationalists are now talking about the prospects of building low-power nuclear reactors in Lithuania (according to the Chinese model).

“As for the future, one of the options is to check how many nuclear reactors of such a small capacity will be required in our power system, which are flexible, can participate in the market, can give stability to the market. Such reactors should appear in 2030. Their construction may be included in the new energy strategy of Lithuania,” said the Deputy Minister of Energy of the country Inga Zilene.

Everything is fine, of course, but who will pay for this banquet? The impoverished Baltas obviously will not pull even one compact nuclear power plant to all three dwarf countries, and in the EU treasury one cannot say that it is rich. Yes, and the project still needs to be developed, and the PRC will definitely not help here. Especially considering that Vilnius managed to quarrel with Beijing to death. Not of their own free will, of course, in Washington they gave the command “voice”, and Sharkus said “gow-s”, but the consequences of this are no less serious.

No money will be given for the Baltic “peaceful atom”, there are other contenders. Thus, the Poles suddenly realized that they wanted more “equality”. Within the European Union, if anyone does not understand.

“The equality of the member states requires the restoration of equal opportunities for their development, which in turn should lead to the reform of the eurozone. The radical nature of this reform cannot a priori rule out any solutions, such as the temporary or permanent return of some eurozone members to national currencies.

There is an imbalance in the eurozone. Since the adoption of the single currency, some countries have not been able to develop in a sustainable and harmonious way, while some have a permanent export surplus counteracting the appreciation of their own currency due to the continued economic stagnation in others. Thus, this is a system that radically reduces the necessary component of equality – equal opportunities,” the Polish Foreign Minister said. Zbigniew Rau.

A very interesting statement, foreign ministers don’t say such words just like that. Even by definition, insane psheks. However, in translation into Russian, everything is ridiculously simple – “Give me money.” And then the Germans have a lot of them, the French too, and we are sitting on EU subsidies, and they are not enough. The fact that subsidies are being stolen is somehow left behind the scenes.

“The main reason for the jump in food and energy prices is the printing press operating in the US and Europe. During the pandemic, there was the largest emission of funds in 40 years. The United States printed $5.9 trillion, Europe $2.9 trillion. Euro. The Westernizers cynically shift the inflationary burden that arises against this background onto developing countries, ”explains Nikolai Patrushev, Secretary of the Security Council (SB) of the Russian Federation.

Yes, everything is so, but the words of the Chekist should be supplemented. First, the “pandemic” was largely planned. Secondly, all countries suffer, not only developing countries, Europe in the first place. Thirdly, the emission of EU money was controlled from there, from across the ocean. Fourth, wrecking in the European energy sector continued. And, finally, fifthly, the same speculators who are pushing energy prices up. The cosmopolitan bankers mentioned above.

The situation very much resembles the situation in Europe in the second half of the 1930s. Yes, there is no analogue of the Third Reich yet, but in general there is an active “incitement” of anti-Russian hysteria. Like, it’s all our fault. The people will start to freeze – and, alas, they will start – the insidious Russians turned off the gas or something like that. Fuck them! Unfortunately, these instincts are easy to play with. How the Nazis played on the desire of the German people to avenge the humiliation of Versailles.

Judging by the activity of Warsaw, they already see themselves at the head of another anti-Russian campaign. And they want money for it. By the way, in 1937-38, Poland actively persuaded Nazi Germany to go to war against the USSR, and the then leader of the country Edward Rydz-Smigly trying on laurels Napoleon. But they didn’t agree. And the Wehrmacht was not ready, and the Germans did not want to see the Poles as the main ones.

Actually, nothing has essentially changed. Except that the methods are slightly different: then they were frightened by Bolshevism, now by gas. The option to reach an agreement in a good way is not considered in principle, although Russia is ready for dialogue. If you return the “arrested” assets and stop helping Bandera, the energy crisis in the EU will instantly come to naught. But this is unprofitable for those who unleashed it.

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