Oct 12, 2020
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Garik Kharlamov’s daughter mocked dad

Garik Kharlamov's daughter mocked dad

39-year-old artist Garik Kharlamov shared a funny video with his daughter.

The Comedy Club resident spent his free time with his only daughter. The artist took lessons with a girl who was not in the mood to gnaw the granite of science. Garik asked if the baby knew proverbs.

"Anastasia Igorevna, do you know the proverb: "If you have done a job - walk boldly"? You and I must first do the job, and then you will rest, ”the comedian remarked reasonably. “No matter how much you feed dad, he still looks at the kitchen!"- the girl answered tartly.

"So it starts! Who came up with this proverb? It is clear that our creativity has begun, ”joked the leading actor in the series“ Hussar ”. "I!" - Nastya answered amusingly. “Well, creative thinking has approached ... Let's go to study", - retorted the star dad.

"Okay, gymnastics!"- asked the newly made schoolgirl. She is fond of this sport, and her mother also achieved success in it. The star of the film "Text" is a candidate for master of sports.

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