Sep 15, 2020
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Garik Kharlamov, suffering from coronavirus, said that he invested all his efforts and money in his new series “Gusar”

10:53, 09/15/2020

The actor has already prepared for all-round criticism of the new project, which was filmed for a year and a half.

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In early September, it became known that the 39-year-old showman Garik Kharlamov fell ill with coronavirus. Because of this, he canceled the filming of the Comedy Club. A representative of the artist explained that with all the obvious symptoms, the test for COVID-19 showed a negative result. However, Garik himself openly hinted that his long-standing joke about coronavirus infection in the end may not be a joke at all.

Today Kharlamov explained that he has been in isolation for 10 days due to the coronavirus. At the same time, the illness did not spoil the artist's mood, since in October the series "Hussar" with Garik in the title role will be released. As the humorist admitted, he put all his efforts and day into this project. “How can I please you and myself being in isolation for almost 10 days due to illness from (further obscene - Prim. line.) ... or rather a bat? But what! A small announcement of what we have been preparing for you for a long 1.5 years friends. The project in which I have invested my soul, strength and money. In short, everything that I no longer have) This is what I will use to hammer you, dear inhabitants of Instagram, for a long 17 series. The first historical series TNT ... drum roll ... "GUSAR" !!! It is very funny, beautiful and simple (further obscene - Prim. line.) TV series! See for yourself soon! In October! ) ", - said the showman in his microblog on Instagram (spelling and punctuation of the author hereinafter are given without changes - Prim. line.).

Garik Kharlamov announced the release of the series "Hussar", where he played the main role

At the same time, Kharlamov has already prepared to criticize his brainchild. "It is clear that locusts will come up in a moment a'la" I did not look, but I condemn "or" another shit "... but it was and will always be, even if it is the best film," he summed up. Recall that the promo video for "Gusar" was presented back in October 2018, but the project was never aired in the following year.

In December 2019, Garik Kharlamov, in an exclusive interview with Vokrug TV, said that the premiere of the series is still scheduled for autumn 2020. The role of the anecdotal lieutenant of the Life Guards Hussar Regiment Grigory Savelievich Rylsky became the first big role of Kharlamov in a feature series. According to the plot of the historical sitcom, which will be released on the TNT channel, as a result of the incident, the funny lieutenant will be transported from 1812 to the XXI, where various adventures await him.

In an exclusive video interview "Around TV", the showman spoke about his life before fame and his plans

Recall that this year was not easy for the showman. In June, Garik Kharlamov and his wife Christina Asmus announced that they were divorcing after eight years of relationship. The artists did not voice the reasons for the separation, which caused various gossip. According to rumors, the couple broke up either because of the filming of Asmus in a frank scene in the film "Text", or because of Kharlamov's new novel. However, the spouses ridicule such speculation. Information about the novel on the side was also denied by Garik's friend and Pavel Volya's wife Laysan Utyasheva, who noted that the comedian does not even worry about his divorce, and his heart is free.

The marriage of Kharlamov and Asmus has come to an end

Kharlamov and Asmus demonstrate friendly relations and communication with their joint daughter Anastasia... Recently, the showman posted a photo with his daughter in a hussar costume. Also, Nastya's father took her to first grade on September 1. The first call to the artists' daughter went without the presence of Christina, who was on the set in Gelendzhik and could not come to Moscow due to the strict conditions of the contract.

Garik in the form of a hussar with his daughter Anastasia

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