Feb 21, 2021
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Garik Kharlamov ridiculed the insults of Alexey Panin

The famous Russian showman and comedian Garik Kharlamov posted a post on his Instagram account in which he responded to the insults of the artist Alexei Panin.

Garik Kharlamov ridiculed the insults of Alexey Panin

Not so long ago, Panin shrilly spoke about the work of Kharlamov and his colleague Semyon Slepakov. Alexei, who has not been filmed anywhere for a long time, was asked the day before why he did not want to resume his acting. To which he responded that he had no interest in contemporary cinema. He believes that everything that is currently being filmed is a “trifle”, and he is a “genius”.

Panin added that he did not want to stand near on the posters with Kharlamov and the balalaika player Slepakov, as if he were not interested in it. After all, earlier he stood on a billboard next to Yankovsky and other great people.

Garik wrote on his page: “It turns out that Semyon Slepakov and I are standing in vain and waiting for you, Lesha? I would have spoken before, otherwise we are standing like fools. The balalaika is frozen. “

In the comments to this post by Kharalmov, most of the followers supported the comedian and wrote that Panin did not have any left to offend talented people.

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