Feb 20, 2021
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Garik Kharlamov made fun of Alexei Panin


Actor Alexei Panin called himself a genius and said that he would not stand next to showman Garik Kharlamov.

The performer of one of the main roles in the film “Zhmurki” recently gave an interview in which he spoke about his sexuality, intimate life and creativity. Along the way, Alexei disparaged the residents of the Comedy Club Garik Kharlamov and Semyon Slepakov.

Panin, answering the question of the presenter Alena Zhigalova, why he buries himself as an actor, said that he was not interested in modern cinema. “I don’t want to stand next to Garik “Bulldog” Kharlamov and this balalaika player Slepakov on the posters. I’m not interested in this. I stood next to Yankovsky and other great people on the poster. I’m genius“, – said Alexey Panin.

Alexey Panin
Alexey Panin

Kharlamov reacted to the artist’s words. The showman, in response to the insult, ridiculed Panin. “It turns out that Semyon Slepakov and I are standing in vain and waiting for you, Lyosha? I would have said earlier, otherwise we stand like fools. Balalaika froze“, – Kharlamov trolled him on Instagram.

Gosha Kutsenko intervened in the conflict. “Not! Garik is a genius! I am telling you this as the main genius!“- joked the actor of the film” Mistresses “and the series” Ambulance “. Panin’s statement amused Oskar Kuchera. “Slepakov plays the balalaika! Oru!“- the TV presenter wrote emotionally.

Many of Kharlamov’s fans supported him. “Panin, you are far from Garik, he would definitely not stand with you “,” What an unpleasant he is “,” Garik, I always admire you. You are the best! “,” We have geniuses in the next chamber with the Napoleons “,” You cannot praise yourself – no one will praise “,” This “genius” thinks too highly of himself“, – posted by users.

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