Dec 28, 2020
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Garik Kharlamov decided to talk about his diseases

Garik Kharlamov decided to talk about his diseases

Showman Garik Kharlamov in an interview told what he was sick with.

Until recently, the comedian shared the details of parting with Christina Asmus, but now with undisguised pleasure he talks about his sores and physiological problems. Garik Kharlamov admitted that he had hemorrhoids, and in his youth he was circumcised at the insistence of his father.

Young Kharlamov was circumcised not at all for religious reasons. “This is for aesthetics, – admitted the 39-year-old showman. – I was 14 years old, well done. I also had hemorrhoids. This disease was clearly named, and it is. This is a real crap! How does it manifest? You drive a car like that, listen to music, everything is fine, and then you think: “What’s in your ass?” At first, you do not recognize the problem and try not to think about it, but it continues to get worse.“.

Garik admitted that he was pretty worn out and had to go to the doctor, because he no longer had the strength to endure.

Garik Kharlamov -
Garik Kharlamov –

It is impossible to sit, it is impossible to stand, nothing is possible. At some point, you call the doctor, come to him, he says that an operation is needed“, – continued the resident of Comedy Club.

The showman does not hide that he leads a sedentary lifestyle, which is why he often has to deal with health problems. So, in addition to hemorrhoids, Garik earned … kidney stones.

If you drink drinks with a lot of sugar, stones appear, and they come out terrible! The first time they came out at my casino in Riga. The mood was good, and then suddenly my stomach ached. There was such pain that one could neither sit nor stand. I rode around this casino and did not know what was happening to me. It darkened in my eyes, “Kharlamov recalled in Azamat Musagaliev’s show” I know myself!»On YouTube.

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