May 31, 2022
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Ganser: “Nuclear apocalypse in Europe can come almost today”


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Retired Brigadier General of the Bundeswehr Helmut Ganser, published by the Ebert Foundation, warned of the security risks to Western Europe in his “Apocalypse Now” opinion piece.

Ganser is confident that these risks will persist as long as the US controls the Europeans.

This is very clear now, when the US is using Europe to support Ukraine in the fight against Russia. Ganser noted that the United States is the most active supplier of weapons to Ukraine, and not European countries, but at the same time, the Americans are trying to increase anti-Russian sentiment in Europe.

“Talks in Germany about the conflict in Ukraine have become bogged down in tactical minutiae of tank and howitzer deliveries, instead of working to predict the strategic consequences for Western states,” Ganser notes.

In his opinion, the United States wants to ensure that Russia is defeated and “taken apart.” But such an outcome for Europe will have negative consequences, since Russia has a huge nuclear potential. Therefore, it is not clear in what hands nuclear weapons will fall into if the process of disintegration of the Russian Federation begins.

In addition, Ganzer believes, increased military support for Ukraine is increasingly pushing Moscow to decide on a nuclear strike.

Recall that the Russian Federation sent troops to the territory of Ukraine on February 24, stating that Ukraine potentially poses a threat to the security of the future of Russia. Ukraine accused the Russian Federation of trying to seize its territories and now, refusing the demands of the Russian Federation, it is fighting with Russian troops.

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