Sep 18, 2022
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Gaming chairs: varieties and features of choice

Gaming chairs: varieties and features of choiceGaming chairs: varieties and features of choice

The quality of a gamer’s game depends on many factors, including external ones. One of them is the level of comfort of the conditions in which it is located. For the most comfortable game, you need not only good equipment, but also an appropriate gaming chair, in which the player spends most of the time.


There are three main categories that gaming chairs fall into:

  1. Universal.
  2. Play sofas.
  3. Racing.

The first type of chairs is a classic version that is perfect not only for games, but also for use in other conditions, for example, office work.

Gaming sofas will become an indispensable item for those who like to play consoles, but they are unlikely to suit ordinary gamers playing at a computer desk.
Racing seats have a special shape of the seat, the design of which is taken from the seats of real sports cars. This chair is perfect for fans of racing games and will allow you to fully immerse yourself in this atmosphere.

Criterias of choice

Based on the characteristics of each type of gaming chair, gamers who play various games on a regular computer are best suited for ordinary universal models. However, classic chairs also differ from each other in many ways that should be considered when buying them.

The main criteria for choosing gaming chairs are:

  1. Frame.
  2. Seat.
  3. Backs.
  4. Head restraints.
  5. Armrests.
  6. Materials.

There are two types of chair frames – monolithic and non-monolithic. For the former, the back with the seat is a single structure, for the latter, separate structural elements. The first option is more durable, and the second one attracts with a lower price tag.

The seat of a gaming chair should be soft and wide enough to make it comfortable to spend a lot of time on it. The back of the chair should be anatomical and repeat the curves of the spine, so that long sitting on it does not cause discomfort and back pain.

Headrests can be built-in, removable or adjustable. The last option is optimal, as it allows you to adjust their position as much as possible for yourself. The armrests of the chairs, depending on the characteristics of a particular model, can be adjusted in height, angle of rotation and inclination. As for materials, the chair should not only look presentable, but also have a sufficient level of wear resistance. A very popular and high-quality material for gaming chairs is genuine leather.

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