Nov 17, 2021
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Games for children’s parties

Games for children's parties

A children’s holiday is, first of all, a test of the parents’ imagination.

Every child loves holidays more than anything else. Especially your birthday. The task of the parents is to make this holiday so that the child will remember it for a long time.

All actions can be carried out in any one style. If a girl loves dolls, then a barbie-style holiday will come in handy. For boys, you can create a Star Wars atmosphere that many boys love. But when the guests are gathered, it is important for parents to entertain their child’s little friends.

To do this, you need to know games that will easily captivate everyone.

  • Musical chairs. This game is familiar to everyone from childhood. You need to put chairs in a circle, but their number should be less than the number of participants. While the music is playing, everyone is dancing around. When the music stops, everyone needs to take a chair. The one who is left without a chair is out of the game.
  • Simon says. Simon can be played by mom or dad. All participants must follow what Simon says. For example, “Simon says to sit down.” In this case, you need to perform only the action that is accompanied by the words Simon says. The player who remains the last wins. The losers are eliminated.
  • Sea figure. Everyone is dancing while the music is playing. Then the music is turned off and everyone should freeze in different positions. Whoever moves is out of the game.
  • Search for treasures. In advance, you need to hide certain toys somewhere in the house. The task of the children is to find all the hidden things.
  • Spoon Race. Children are given a spoon containing a hard-boiled egg or a tennis ball. The children’s hands should be behind their backs. Then they compete, who will carry the spoon with the object to a certain place faster.
  • We pop balloons. There should be a lot of balloons in the room. The goal is to burst them more than the opponent. You can put sweet surprises inside the balls.

A children’s holiday is, first of all, a test of the parents’ imagination. It is on them that children’s mood and satisfaction with an organized action depend.

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