Dec 30, 2020
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Games for children to develop speech and expand the vocabulary of the kid

Games for children to develop speech and expand the vocabulary of the kid

An important point in raising a child is to teach him to speak. It seems to be nothing complicated, all children learn to speak independently, using the example of adults.

Some start talking very early, and there is no salvation from cheerful, talking a lot. Do you also need to teach them?

The fact is that a child is not always able to express the full range of emotions that bother him. Just because there is not enough vocabulary! This is where attentive parents need to try – to give their child the right amount of words that he can freely operate with.

This is best done with … a game! After all, when a child is fun and interesting, he easily remembers new information and learns everything necessary. Word games are convenient because you can play them anywhere – on a walk, on the way to the store, in transport and in line, just at your leisure … Go ahead, and your child will definitely be able to tell you everything he thinks about this world!


The parent closes his eyes and asks the baby to tell him about everything that surrounds them. Skillfully asked questions encourage children to speak more. And do not forget about the sense of humor – this quality also needs to be developed. A kid who understands jokes and loves to compose them himself will grow up smart and happy.

The last word

Describe the object together, if necessary, the child can be asked leading questions – what color, shape, smell is the object? What are its functions?
It is very useful for the development of fantasy and imagination to endow the qualities of living beings with inanimate objects. For example, the table is cheerful today, because with such a tablecloth it has a festive mood.

If the kid is adventurous, then in the game it is important to establish the rules for winning – for example, whoever says the last word in the description of an object wins. It is not necessary to give in, in fact, you will not be able to describe something endlessly.


Talk about the details of objects, put them into components. For example, a toddler will enjoy learning what a car is made of and organizing these names.

You should not be limited only to the visible details – the world is complicated, and it is better for a little person to convey this in childhood.


Describe the properties of objects and compare them with each other. “What cat?” – “Fluffy, soft, good-natured, hungry, well-fed, mustachioed …” “What flower?” – “Bright, gentle, fresh, graceful, fragile, beautiful …” Well, do not forget to compare a cat and a flower – children are delighted with such experiments.


The parent tells the child a story, sometimes pauses – the child must insert the appropriate word.

An excellent example of a story in verse is D. Kharms’s poem “Very, very tasty pie”: I wanted to arrange a ball And I have guests to my place … [позвал] I bought flour, bought cottage cheese, Baked crumbly … [пирог] Pie, knives and forks are here, But something guests…. [не идут] I waited until I had enough strength, Then a piece … [откусил] Then he pulled up a chair and sat down, And the whole pie in a minute … [съел] When the guests approached, Then even crumbs … [не нашли]…

All children love such texts, and such work greatly develops their ability to choose the right words at crucial moments.


Offer the child 5-7 words from which you need to make a coherent story. It is very useful for clarity to use pictures denoting these words – this stimulates the development of figurative thinking in the child.

Find the mistake

The parent voices several sentences to the child, making intentional mistakes. The task of the kid is to identify them and fix them.


Teach your child to find opposite words, this skill will be very useful to him at school. For example: hot – cold, sharp – dull, great – disgusting.


If the kid knows how to select many words with similar meanings, build folding synonymous rows, pay attention! Perhaps in the future he will grow up to be a genius writer.

For example, synonyms for the word love: “attraction, attachment, inclination, passion, addiction, devotion, gravity, mania, sympathy, loyalty.”

The clouds

What does that cloud look like? There is no better game for developing your imagination! Consider the sky while discussing the shapes of the clouds – this pastime will be remembered for a long time both for you and your child.


Any ordinary business trip can be turned into a real trip! Leaving home, discuss the route, remember the things that you took with you. Pay attention to the details on the way.

Children are very fond of taking pictures of interesting moments – let the kid use your mobile phone to take a photo of an interesting house, take a picture of a street scene or a pleasant-looking animal that will meet you on the way.


An excellent game that will save you from boredom in public transport: use a felt-tip pen to draw different faces on the baby’s fingers – sad, funny, surprised. The impromptu puppet theater is ready! Now you can give your fingers different names and come up with incredible stories with their participation.


Tell your child stories from your childhood! About different adventures, pleasant and not so. You will not only replenish your baby’s vocabulary with new words, but also share your life experience.

Listening to your stories, the child will also strive to speak clearly, logically, emotionally. Don’t be surprised if he asks you to tell the story one more time, or even two!


Start watching the cartoon with your baby. And then go to another room, go about your business. Tell your child how sorry you are that you can’t watch the story to the end. The excitement and enthusiasm with which the continuation of the animated series will tell you, will amaze and delight you!

English words

Speak English with your baby, teach him different words. It is so convenient to learn new English words while walking! You can’t even imagine how much you will make it easier for the kid to learn a foreign language – the barrier of fear will disappear, because if mom or dad knows this and say so in everyday life, then the baby will believe in himself.

Parents are special people, each in this role shows his best qualities: ingenuity, mental endurance, moral stamina, creativity …

The implementation of parenting skills should bring you pleasure, do everything consciously. Then the feeling of guilt that you missed something in raising your child will never torment you.

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