Feb 16, 2021
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Game of Thrones stars Rose Leslie and Kit Harington become parents for the first time

Game of Thrones stars Rose Leslie and Kit Harington become parents for the first time

Kate Harrington and Rose Leslie

In the generation of children, the pandemic is adding! Actors from the popular TV series “Game of Thrones” 33-year-old Rose Leslie and 33-year-old Kit Harington became parents for the first time. This became known after the appearance on the network of pictures of the paparazzi, in which a couple, together with a newborn baby, are walking around London. No official confirmation from the stars and their representatives has yet been received.

Recall that 2020 will be remembered for us not only by the coronavirus, but also by the real baby boom among celebrities. Many of them, thanks to the quarantine and the lack of social events, managed to keep the pregnancy secret to the last.

Rose Leslie and Keith Harrington

Rose was no exception. The imminent addition to her family became known in September after the publication of a photo shoot, where the actress already had a noticeably rounded belly.

Rose LeslieRose Leslie

Leslie and Harington’s relationship has stood more than one test. The actors met on the set of the series, and they started talking about the romance between them in 2012. However, the idyll did not work right away, and after a while the lovers parted. After a while, they decided to give the relationship a second chance, and in 2016 they appeared in public as a couple. In June 2018, Rose and Keith got married.

Rose Leslie and Keith HarringtonRose Leslie and Keith Harrington

Keith’s depression and alcohol addiction was another test. Rose supported her beloved while he was being treated in Rehab last May. According to people close to Harington, the end of the series, in which he starred for several years, came as a strong blow to the actor. Apparently, the actor tried to drown the feeling of devastation in a bottle. But now the longing for the past will clearly have no place in the life of the couple – Kit and Rose are beginning a new wonderful stage.

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