Apr 29, 2021
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Gal Gadot will star in the film “Meet Me in Another Life”

The Israeli actress who starred in Wonder Woman 1984 will star in the film and produce the project.

Gal Gadot will star in the film

The painting “Meet Me in Another Life” will be a screen version of the debut novel of the same name by Katriona Silvay. The film will be produced by Atlas Entertainment and Pilot Wave.

The novel by Catriona Silvay was presented in the United States on April 27 this year by HarperCollins. According to the plot, the main characters of the film, Baba and Uncle Thor and Santi, meet in different versions of reality and explore the endless variety of configurations of love.

From previous lives, the heroes have only vague notes, but they continue to meet in different lives as a nurse and a dying patient, now a cynic and a believer, now beloved, now friends. In the last result, it becomes clear that the heroes will have to find out the reason for their mysterious connection, until their countless lives are over.

As noted by the film producers Charles Gladok and Richard Sackle, Katriona Sylvay’s novel combines thriller, timeless love story and fantasy. It is a “unique, wildly cinematic and provocative” novel.

The date of the premiere of the picture is not yet famous.

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