Sep 15, 2021
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Gagauzia demands to recognize Russian as the second state language

40% of Russian-speaking citizens of Moldova have the right to use their native language in public life

Gagauzia demands to hold a referendum on the recognition of Russian as the second state language. Member of the Republican Council of the Public Platform “People’s Union” Victor Petrov I am sure that such an initiative will find a positive response in many regions of the country, not only in Gagauzia, but also in other Russian-speaking regions – in Taraclia and Balti, not to mention Transnistria, which Chisinau considers to be Moldovan territory.

“More than 40% of Russian-speaking citizens live in Moldova. The ability to communicate in an understandable language directly affects the life, work, future of people, their relatives and friends. Two, three or four official languages ​​do not interfere in any way with the development of the state. There are three official languages ​​in Belgium, four in Switzerland, why can’t we have two? “

– said Viktor Petrov on the air of the TV channel REN Moldova

According to him, residents of not only Russian-speaking Gagauzia turn to the headquarters of the Public Platform, but also from other regions of Moldova, who find it difficult to apply to state institutions, not knowing the Moldovan language. Petrov recalled that, by the way, there are no free and accessible state language courses in the country. The only way out of this situation, the representative of the “People’s Union” believes, is to give the Russian language the status of a second state language, which will immediately remove many problems in the life of citizens and make them look differently at Moldova and the inhabitants of Transnistria – the right bank of the Dniester will become more attractive for them …

The organization believes that these reasons are enough for the Gagauz autonomy to discuss the issue of initiating a common Moldovan referendum on giving the Russian language the status of a second state language, where the citizens of Moldova themselves will be able to resolve this issue.

However, such an initiative is unlikely to be met with understanding in Chisinau, because it was the ruling PAS party that did everything to ensure that the Constitutional Court repealed the law on languages ​​adopted by the socialists, at a time when the PSRM had a parliamentary majority. The repealed law ensured the observance of the rights of Russian-speaking citizens of Moldova, the Russian language received the status of a language of interethnic communication, its use was allowed in state bodies and in courts. This law was canceled on January 21 this year. And the Gagauz initiative will only complicate the already difficult relationship between Chisinau and the autonomy.

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