Oct 7, 2021
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G7 Ambassadors – Zelensky: Colony must obey colonialists

G7 Ambassadors - Zelensky: Colony must obey colonialists

Photo: Mikhail Palinchak / Press Service of the President of Ukraine / TASS

The ambassadors of the G7 countries (USA, Great Britain, Germany, Italy, Canada, France and Japan) called on the Verkhovna Rada deputies to adopt the draft law on reforming the Security Service of Ukraine as soon as possible and without additional amendments. They posted the corresponding statement on Twitter on October 5.

In him indicated: “If the draft law in its current version is successfully implemented, it will become the basis for transforming the SBU into a modern security service that will contribute to strengthening the security and prosperity of Ukraine.”

It is appropriate to recall here that back in July 2019, the EU Ambassador Hugh Mingarelli, who is ending his mission in Ukraine at that time, called the reform of the SBU one of the main reforms that the new president needs to carry out Zelensky and his team.

Ordered – done. And already on October 15, the newly appointed head of the Security Service Ivan Bakanov (by the way, the one that recently appeared with Zelensky in an offshore scandal) puts a draft of such a law on the table of his patron.

It is not known how carefully the Ukrainian president studied this “work”. But on the 21st of the same month, according to local media reports, the document was submitted to NATO for analysis. This was done by the current Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Dmitry Kuleba, then Deputy Prime Minister for European Integration.

In March 2020, Zelensky personally introduced the bill on the reform of the SBU to the Verkhovna Rada, designating it as urgent. After that, a special parliamentary group, which also included consultants from the EU, the USA and NATO, worked on it for several months more.

In the final version, the document was registered under the number 3196-d. In January 2021, it passed the first reading and was taken as a basis, and on September 22, with the approval of the Western curators, the Rada’s profile committee on national security, defense and intelligence issues approved it. And it has already been announced that the MPs will try to adopt the bill by the end of this month.

According to information from a number of Ukrainian media outlets, by the second reading the text of the document has undergone significant changes – in the comparative table explaining the editing, it is said that the deputies made a total of 2,500 amendments, which are described on 886 pages. However, the essence of the special service remains the same – punitive.

As the newspaper “Segodnya” notes, the new law actually turns the SBU into a body with superpowers, many of which directly violate the provisions of the country’s Constitution.

Service employees, for example, will have “unlimited and unconditional” access to all information and analytical resources, registries and databases. Also, within the framework of the reform, it is planned to expand the powers of counterintelligence units of the SBU. They will be able to conduct hidden video and audio filming, enter housing, move behind the scenes “persons and objects” across the border and even confiscate property and personal property from legal entities and individuals.

At the same time, the new law deprives the SBU of the opportunity to conduct pre-trial investigation, including offenses that pose a threat to state security. This in Ukraine will be dealt with by an analogue of the FBI – the State Bureau of Investigation (SBI).

Another important aspect of the reform is the elimination of the department for combating economic crimes, corruption and organized crime in the structure of the SBU. Everything related to business and control over it will be transferred to the jurisdiction of the National Anti-Corruption Bureau (NABU).

But, in fact, what is the interest of Kiev’s western partners here? And why are they rushing him to pass this law so much?

– No wonder, – comments on the situation former People’s Deputy of the Verkhovna Rada, Ukrainian politician Volodymyr Oleinik… – The collective West, which carried out a coup d’etat by proxy seven years ago, continues to tame Ukraine. Gradually takes control of her.

They have already taken full control of the anti-corruption bloc, which includes NABU, a specialized court and a special prosecutor. These bodies are not concerned with ordinary citizens, not with regional deputies; only persons of the highest echelon of power are in their field of vision.

For what – it is clear, in order to manage them. They collect incriminating evidence on everyone, but not everyone is given a move. And these Americans run it all.

Let me remind you that the SBU is subordinate to Zelensky. It is the president, according to the Constitution of Ukraine, who represents and appoints the chairman of this special service through parliament.

But there is a “tasty” part, namely the economic component. Why, in fact, they were always tempted to either cover up or give a nightmare to the business – according to the situation.

True, Zelensky was not lucky here.

“SP”: – In what sense?

– In the sense that the anti-corruption prosecutor is not his person. It was appointed by the Americans. And Bakanov, the head of the SBU, is not just his creature, he is a close friend and partner.

That is, it is clear that the special service serves the personal interests of Vladimir Alexandrovich. But here the interests of the Ukrainian president intersect with the business interests of the American owners.

Therefore, the economic functions were pulled out from under the SBU, leaving only counterintelligence functions. Catch, they say, spies, nightmare the population for “terrorism” etc. I even think that in the future amendments will be made to the Constitution that will actually take this power structure out of direct subordination to the president. As in the same Moldova, where the president does not have such powers. Now, however, they are again trying to transfer this control to Sand, since she is their person.

“SP”: – But the SBU, it seems, itself has long been under the control of the CIA. For a long time they even divided one building in Kiev for two, if I am not mistaken. Then why such a rush to reform?

– Indeed, everything is under control there for a long time. Even the American Stars and Stripes flag hung on the SBU building for a long time. Americans just want to quickly become beneficiaries. After all, they did not come to Ukraine to do charity work. As the saying goes, “nothing personal.” They took power and are now counting on profits. Therefore, everything related to business will now be controlled by the structures created by them, even though formally these structures are Ukrainian.

As for the statement by the ambassadors of the “Seven”, this is a typical interference in the internal affairs of Ukraine.

Imagine that the Ukrainian government expressed its views on the reform of the US intelligence services. Is there a reason? Of course. After the Afghan embarrassment, one could say: “Guys, you have 16 intelligence communities there, and we think we need to do something with them.”

But they are silent. Because it’s not the Indians’ business to interfere with the sheriff’s affairs.

SP: – In your opinion, will the reform ultimately weaken or strengthen the SBU?

– Rather, it will change a little the vector of activity. Now they will have the main indicators, how many citizens of Ukraine they scared for “territorialism”, “separatism”, how many articles about “high treason” were initiated etc. That is, the statement of any sane person will be assessed. And by these criteria will be judged on the effectiveness of its work.

What do you want, this is a punitive body. After all, even the UN has admitted that the SBU, with the help of the CIA, has created a whole network of secret prisons on the territory of Ukraine, where torture of detainees is actively used. This fact has been established.

The words “reform”, “sovereignty”, “statehood”, they are not applicable to today’s Ukraine. After all, if someone tells you what to do, what decisions to make, you are under patronage.

Can you imagine these ambassadors talking to Lukashenka like that? Where would they be after that?

But Ukraine is an occupied territory. Parallels can be drawn with the period 1941−44. There are even bodies on this territory that imitate that they are supposedly deciding something. And one clown calls himself president, although he is not.

Why do you think the SBU only catches “Russian agents”, while spies from other countries – like Great Britain or Poland – walk freely. It is forbidden. Because it is an occupied territory that is controlled from the outside.

Today we are paying attention to the stage, to the arena, but we must also pay attention to the backstage. Serious uncles are sitting there. Just like in 2014. Maidan are people who are lost, in the majority. On stage – dolls, and behind the stage – screenwriters and puppeteers.

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