Oct 30, 2021
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G20 Summit Opens in Rome

The summit of the leaders of the G20 countries has begun in Rome, the capital of Italy, reports TASS.

Heads of state and government and heads of international organizations gather at the Nuvola convention center in Rome’s EUR quarter. Summit President, Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi welcomes the participants.

Country representatives will discuss pressing issues, including climate, health and sustainable development.

It is noted that the airspace over Rome is closed for the duration of the summit. The territory is controlled by drones and about 10 thousand law enforcement officers. The embassies and hotel areas where the delegations live are heavily guarded. Several metro stations are closed.

As a reminder, Russian President Vladimir Putin will take part in the summit via video link. The Kremlin said that the head of the Russian Federation will speak twice on the topic of climate and the global economy and health.

Earlier it was reported that at the summit, the leaders of the G20 countries may decide on targets for vaccination against COVID-19.

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