May 28, 2022
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Fyodor Bondarchuk spoke about a quarrel with a famous actress


Director and actor Fyodor Bondarchuk offended a famous artist.

The artist first spoke about the conflict with Oksana Fandera. He tried several times to lure the children of the star Ivan and Lisa into his projects, but was always refused.

The director remembered how he first called the mother of Ivan and Elizaveta Yankovsky.

I tell her: “Oksana, are the children filming?”. She replied: “No, don’t call me ever again.”, – said Fyodor Bondarchuk on the air of his project “Cinema in Details”, where actress Elizaveta Yankovskaya became his guest.

According to Bondarchuk, he did not calm down. Time passed and he called again. “Tell me, please, is the time now? They are already studying, there are proposals.” And again refusal. With Philip, their father, it is also useless to talk. Then Vanya has a picture. Oksana says:It’s not all that. Not from our plan”, — recalled Fyodor Bondarchuk.

Fedor Bondarchuk - photo from the archive -
Fedor Bondarchuk – photo from the archive – “Instagram is a banned organization on the territory of the Russian Federation”

Recall that Ivan and Elizaveta Yankovsky are already quite well-known actors today. They have many movie offers.

By the way, Elizabeth’s debut work has already been highly appreciated by a foreign jury. The granddaughter of the legendary actor received a prestigious award at the South by Southwest American Film Festival in Texas for the film Nika, which was somewhat unexpected in the light of the current difficult situation in our country and the world. The jury noted the excellent game of the Russian woman and presented her with a special award.

It is known that the picture, which tells about the bright, but very fleeting life of Nika Turbina, became Yankovskaya’s debut in a big movie. Together with her, Anna Mikhalkova and Vita Kornienko starred in the film.

But the actress didn’t try out at Swamp at one time, because her brother Ivan Yankovsky was already involved there and she considered it tactless to interfere in his project.

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