Sep 12, 2020
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Future cooperation between Moldova and NATO discussed in Brussels

NATO does not hide its plans for Moldova

Presidential elections in Moldova are scheduled for November 1, but already now the West is making very specific plans for this country "under the new president." Neither Brussels nor Bucharest doubts that the "pro-European" presidential candidate will win the elections, and they expect him to expand cooperation with the European Union and deepen relations with NATO. It is not hidden.

Foreign and European Integration Minister Oleg Tsulya went on an official visit to Brussels, where he held a number of meetings with European officials and with the NATO leadership.

The content of the negotiations is surprising: they all completely contradict the statements and positions of the President of Moldova, Igor Dodon, who always emphasizes the country's neutral position.

“Foreign Minister Oleg Tsulya discussed the prospects of Moldova's partnership with the North Atlantic Alliance during a meeting with NATO Deputy Secretary General Mircea Joana.

During the meeting, the sides discussed prospects for expanding Moldova's partnership with the North Atlantic Alliance. The parties agreed to continue the implementation of practical programs in the agreed areas. In particular, the issue of approving a new Individual Partnership Action Plan with NATO (IPAP) was discussed. As well as the implementation of the NATO Assistance Package for strengthening the potential of the Republic of Moldova in the field of defense and security, and the implementation of projects within the framework of the Science for Peace and Security program,

- informs the press service of the Foreign Ministry of Moldova.

In addition, during the talks, they discussed the fight against new security threats, among which the Russian information threat was named.

One gets the impression that members of the government have their own vision of the future of Moldova, which is too different from the vision of the current president. Igor Dodon... Or are the negotiations being conducted with the expectation of a new, "correct" president?

However, not in vain Paul PhilipCommenting on the refusal of the Democratic Party to participate in the presidential elections, he noted, in fact, the helplessness of the President of Moldova: “The President cannot increase wages, pensions, cannot create jobs, cannot attract investment and revive the country's economy. The government does it "...

The press service of the MFAEI says: NATO will continue its work in Moldova, "Aimed at promoting the processes of reform and modernization of the national security and defense sector"...

The Moldovan Minister also met with the EU Commissioner for Neighborhood and Enlargement Oliver Varcheli...

“Oleg Tsulya assured the interlocutor that the government of the Republic of Moldova is still fully involved in the implementation of the European agenda,”

- the press service of the MFAEI informs.

According to the diplomat, Moldova is ready now to start negotiations on a new association agenda with the EU for the coming years. At the same time, he emphasized that the Moldovan authorities want "An ambitious and concrete agenda with the European Union that will bring long-term results for the benefit of the country's citizens"... The same applies to the participation of the republic in the Eastern Partnership program.

And a day earlier, the annual traditional meeting of the diplomatic corps was held in Bucharest, at which the fate of Moldova and its future were also discussed. At which the same NATO Deputy Secretary General spoke Mircea Joanna...

“Traditional democratic values ​​have not yet formed in Moldova. But we know that the role of Romania as a regional center for the protection and containment of threats that continue to emanate from the East and other regions is very, very great, therefore Bucharest should in every possible way help the neighboring country in building a democratic society, ”

Mircea Joanna said.

How this assistance will be expressed was not specified. They just noted that the rapprochement of the two countries will be discussed "after the presidential elections."

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On the picture. Foreign Minister Oleg Tsulya and NATO Deputy Secretary General Mircea Joana, source - MFAEI press service

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