Jun 30, 2021
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Further only decay

The media is spreading information that the well-known figure of the Uzbek diaspora in Altai Batirzhon Kambarov will be expelled from the country. He was convicted of not only hiding his fellow countrymen wanted for terrorism, but also called for the creation of a special zone of compact residence of all immigrants from Central Asia (Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan) to preserve their identity, culture, religion, etc. That is, he called for the creation of a compact national ghetto, living according to its own laws, on a piece of Russian territory.

And this is what is called the “last bell”. Further – only the disintegration of Russia, organized by the calloused (and not so) hands of the “come in large numbers” Ravshanov and Dzhamshuds, whom our not very smart, not terribly greedy businessmen continue to invite into the country in millions.

While we were listening to the sweet-voiced liberal chatter about tolerance and taking into account the national characteristics of newcomers, the newcomers were slowly picking up the most profitable spheres of activity. And now there are already attempts not only to create here their own national harlems and Chinatowns, but to take whole chunks of our territory for themselves.

Did the authorities finally “open their eyes” to what we talked and wrote about so much?

15-year-old girl was kept in “sex slaves”. Anyone will answer for this?

After the well-known demarche with the weapons of the Azerbaijani diaspora in the Novosibirsk region, it seemed that nothing more lawless could be. It turned out – maybe. Recently, an investigation of Constantinople found that a young girl Nastya from Izhevsk from the age of 15 for two years (!) Was actually a concubine of a company (or better to say – a gang?) Of Azerbaijanis.

The story is banal and therefore even more terrible. A certain Leila, a shop assistant and part-time supplier of “live goods” to her fellow countrymen dragged Nastya and her older sister, 18-year-old Anya, to the nightclub, gave them something to drink, after which the girls fell into their hands and, as they say, “went from hand to hand.” … At the same time, the scoundrels filmed everything on video and then began systematically, blackmailing the girls, forcing them to “satisfy the needs” – their own and fellow countrymen. At the same time, Leyla impudently said that the Azerbaijanis “have everything under control”, so it is useless to go anywhere.

“These are not people. Animals. Beasts” – says Nastya, and it’s hard to disagree with her. And with all my heart I want to do with the scum, as they do with an enraged animal. Without trial and investigation. But we still live in a state governed by the rule of law, otherwise God alone knows what it is possible to reach. It is another matter when the law, designed to protect us, people, from the “lost shores” of the cattle, is not just silent, but is trying with all its might to save the obvious criminals from responsibility.

Let us add to this that the “natural persons of Azerbaijani nationality” who participated in the aforementioned abomination, earn their living by participating in the machinations of a local firm to avoid taxes. But they are still getting away with it. And the girl Leila, a simple shop assistant who lived in a wooden barrack, bought herself a Mercedes …

I brought this story not to accuse ethnic Azerbaijanis of something, but as an illustration of who the diasporas in Russia have become and how they behave. Not as guests. Moreover, not as people striving to become like us and live next to us. Their behavior is becoming more and more similar to the way foreign invaders behave in a conquered country. Not striving to follow local customs and accepted norms of behavior, but persistently enforcing their will “by the right of the mighty”, waging an open struggle “for resources” with our citizens and despising our laws, being confident that in case of corruption of law enforcement officers “the community will help”, and ” money will decide everything. “

If the diaspora behaves like an organized criminal group, then it is an organized criminal group.

Will our government finally understand what kind of mine it is laying under the country with its migration policy and patronage of the diasporas ?! I really hope for it. Because an alternative to this can only be a response outbreak of Russian ethno-nationalism and an explosive growth in the popularity of the corresponding organizations. And this is dangerous, like any game of national intolerance. Therefore, in order to prevent this from happening, I must say my word before it is too late, His Majesty the Law. The whole question is – can it ?!

On the basis of the investigation carried out by Constantinople, Konstantin Malofeev issued a statement calling for the harshest reaction of the state to the atrocities of the diasporas. “Diasporas will either abide by the laws of Russia, or this form of ethnic unification should be equated with organized criminal groups (OCGs) with all the ensuing consequences,” he wrote, and it is difficult to disagree with this.

I think the reaction of the law enforcement and judicial system to the atrocities of the Azerbaijani gang in Izhevsk will clarify a lot about the seriousness of the authorities’ intentions. The scoundrels must go to the zone where people with articles such as “rape of minors” are traditionally very much loved and expected.

Vladimir Khomyakov

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