May 19, 2020
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Fursa: Why change ProZorro if the system already supports the Ukrainian manufacturer? Does anyone want her to support not the lowest prices?

The Ukrainian economy is full of surprises. And until you become a minister, you won’t understand this. And as you understand, you begin to delight everyone around with surprises. You start telling and sharing ...

They may tell you that now the banking system is weaker than in the 2014 year.

True, it is not clear why then in the 2014 year (and in the 2008 year) the hryvnia flew into tartaras, the banks burst, and the depositors ran racing with each other another take deposits. And in 2020 the hryvnia remains stable amid a deep global recession, deposits are growing, and banks are fully capitalized. And maybe this difference is the result of reform? And maybe the fact that the vacuum cleaners were turned off to withdraw capital from the country, which were oligarchic banks, contributes to a little stability of the hryvnia?

And yes, the situation in the banking sector only for individual characters is now worse than in 2014 year. In which 2014 the year there was a bank and even two banks, the troubled assets of which amounted to almost 100%. And this allowed them to finance their business at the expense of population deposits. But in 2020, these banks were removed from the market. From that point of view - yes, the situation in the banking system is worse.

And how amusing, all international partners, creditors, investors cite the reform of the banking sector as an example and say that this is a key implemented structural reform in Ukraine . But the people who worked for the oligarchs for decades, for some reason do not like this reform. How can it be ....

You may be told that Ukrainian industry is not growing by leaps and bounds, because the ProZorro system has no advantages for the Ukrainian manufacturer. And you just have to fix it a little ...

True, it is not clear how it needs to be corrected to help the Ukrainian manufacturer, because today 99% of tenders in ProZorro is won by Ukrainian manufacturers. Is this 1% deciding everything? Or maybe it’s a specific manufacturer who can’t win an honest tender? And it may be natural that in honest tenders, when the only criterion is the price, it is Ukrainian producers who win. After all, they are in most cases stupidly cheaper than imported analogues.

Then why change the ProZorro system if it already supports the Ukrainian manufacturer? Or maybe the whole point is that someone wants the system to support not the cheapest manufacturer, but the manufacturer with a certificate that he is a "patriot"? And having this certificate, is it possible to sell products to the state at a much higher price? And they will call it the support of a domestic manufacturer. Although, in fact, this will be the support of the domestic salvah.

You may be told that the Ukrainian economy lacks only cheap loans and it is worth pouring money into the economy, as we will see here Singapore ...

True, they forget to clarify what happened when the Ukrainian economy was poured with freshly printed money. And in a different way than by using a printing press, you cannot get loans at 2% in a country that itself takes loans at 10%. This does not happen. And first you need to make sure that the country has a long, stable low inflation and the country itself begins to borrow cheaply, and then talk about cheap loans within the country. Yes, this is a difficult path. In this way, country risks must be reduced. Carry out deoligarchization. Establish the rule of law. And then Ukrainian banks will be able to take money at 2% and give loans at 3%. And while the country takes under 10%, banks are unlikely to be able to take cheaper. At investors. So, they can’t cheaper and lend. Unless, of course, a generous state finances this banquet. But it has already been so. The state can print money and give it to banks. Those will give them to the oligarchs. And the oligarchs will take everything offshore. And Ukrainian taxpayers will pay for all this happiness.

And yes, when your grandmother tells you this on a bench, having reviewed Medvedchuk’s TV channels, this is one thing. You can put up with this. But it’s very sad when the Minister of Economy says this ...

And it’s sad when the Minister of Economy says, and you understand that this is just a ventriloquism session performed by one of the oligarchs. Which has a very positive experience throwing everyone around. Both external and internal investors. And who really does not like the NBU. And, apparently, he really does not like honest tenders. But what to do, people with business experience from 10 - x do not like transparency. This is not them ...

Source: Sergey Fursa / Facebook

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