Jan 8, 2021
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Funny riddles for children 6-7 years old

The preschooler is at an age when the child is actively developing mentally. And the task of parents is to direct the inquisitive child’s mind along the path of desire to shape it further. Funny riddles for 6-7 years old are magic wands for a child, which themselves suggest interesting questions. Learning the answers, the baby grows up in his own eyes, will strive to know even more. A a cheerful, funny presentation of riddles, which children really like, will make it easier for adults to develop their child.

Memory and attention will help in schoolteacher and children guess riddles

Long-term experience of teachers, educators shows that riddles can develop children’s memory, teach how to make a comparative analysis, establish common signs of objects and phenomena, which has a beneficial effect on logic and thinking. Mental tension, accurate perception of information, development of speech, complication of vocabulary – all this is effortlessly received by the child while playing puzzles.

Instructive and simple

Children’s riddles for 6-8 years old assess the capabilities of children. If it doesn’t work out very well, the child is interested in looking for the answer himself, gaining new knowledge, seeing the unknown in books. National folklore in the genre of riddles is good because it is imbued with folk wisdom, refined instructiveness and, at the same time, simplicity and wit.

Riddles for children 6-7-8 years old are varied in topics, presentation. In terms of content, they can be about:

  • seasons;
  • natural phenomena;
  • festive, fairy-tale characters;
  • vegetables fruits;
  • plants, flowers;
  • animal world;
  • profession;
  • household things, toys.

Further riddles are offered on various topics for older preschoolers and first graders.

Without wings, but flies. As soon as she cries, she disappears.



Fruit ripens on the tree

And it tastes good.

Yellow green,

Like a light bulb.

(Pear)ripe pear


Loves milk very much,

It’s not easy to babysit him.

He is dressed in a vest,

He sleeps quietly in the cradle …

(incorrect: grandfather. Correct: brother)brother in the cradle


Blanket white

Not sewn, not woven.

It fell from the sky

The whole earth was covered.



Everyone is waiting for him, calling him, but when he comes, everyone runs away.

(Rain)girl with umbrella in the rain


Sitting under the tree

Trembling with fear.

If necessary, it runs.

Writes loops in the snow:

“I’ll run away from the fox!”



He lies or plays

He wants – eats, but wants – drinks.

He does not welcome mice,

Striped important …

(cat)striped cat


Can jump and fly.

Accidentally start galloping

And run into the gate

Maybe a quick round …

(ball)inflatable ball


Your granddaughter Dunyasha

Grandma Aglasha asks

Radish with sour cream

Eat at least a little …

(wrong answer: porridge. Correct: salad)radish salad


I arrived at the store.

To choose a limousine.

But I could buy myself

Two mittens for …

(incorrect: for legs. I must say: for hands)two hands in mittens


No one will please her

Wayward and stubborn.

“I don’t want to go to kindergarten!” –

Stamps his foot …

(mom – the wrong answer. It is correct to say: daughter)girl sitting


Vasya loves her very much,

Kiss, caress.

She is about two hundred years old –

Vasina …

(not to the bride, but to the turtle)turtle


For dolls, dresses, pants,

Berets, mittens, shirt front

Always sew and knit

Skillful …

(not boys, but girls)little girl playing with dolls


To tomboy students

Bravely goes to class

Not a timid dozen

Brave …

(not a bun, but a teacher)teacher on blackboard background


To iron a hooded robe

Mom goes to the outlet with …

(with a phone? No, with an iron)mom and daughter with iron


Kings of all time

In their portraits

It is important to look through the ages

In gold …

(in berets? Wrong, in crowns)king wearing crown


Narve in the meadow

Dandelion bag

And we will weave from them


(not a pot, but a wreath)dandelion wreath


Little sisters,

For little girls

Bought for summer

Beautiful …

(not boots, but sandals)beautiful gold sandals


Summer will come soon,

Hot days.

And then we will gladly

Let’s stand on …

(not on skates, but on rollers)girl puts on rollers


The bunny went out to frolic

Jumping in the grass.

One nose and one tail

Well, paws …

(not two, but 4)bunny


The teacher explained to Kira:

5 plus 2 is …

(not 4, but 7)number 7


If in the classroom

You will yawn

You will get in your diary

You estimate …

(not 5, but 2)diary deuce

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