Dec 27, 2020
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Funds for sawing

Funds for sawing

In today’s RF there is a riddle over which advanced minds are struggling.

They do not understand why the state, having accumulated huge amounts of money in reserve funds, does not invest it either in development or in support of the social sphere. Why keep hundreds of billions of dollars “under the mattress” when they could work for the country?

This is a great mystery. And one of the clues, perhaps unwittingly, was suggested by the Accounts Chamber. The audit revealed that the funds of the Government Reserve Fund were spent non-transparently, and the purposes for which the money was spent did not always help to solve current problems or tasks outlined in the national projects.

The government’s reserve fund was replenished at the expense of budget funds allocated for state programs, but unused, the JV report says. The government unfastened them very sparingly, and in fact there are many problems in the country, for the resolution of which a stash was created: to support federal target programs, compensation for injured citizens, subsidies to regional budgets – in case of fires, floods, natural disasters. And for the purchase of drugs in case of a shortage.

As the Accounts Chamber found out, the fund grew in size every year and in the first half of 2020, 2.1 trillion rubles were credited to it – 10.7% of federal budget expenditures in the current year.

Money from the fund can be received by order of the prime minister, but first it is necessary to substantiate in detail how these funds will help to solve this or that problem. However, the reality was different. The auditors of the joint venture found out that the funds were taken at the request of deputy prime ministers, and in the explanatory notes, none of the officials provided calculations of how many rubles are required and what benefit they will bring.

In 2018, the government made 150 decisions on the need to use the Reserve Fund, and only in 16 cases pieces of paper with numbers were pinned to the documents, how much and why to spend. In 2019, for 197 such decisions, there were only 34 financial and economic feasibility studies! The Ministry of Education and Science in September 2019 received more than 1 billion rubles from the Reserve Fund for some “research and development”. How this billion improved these “developments”, officials did not even think to report. It turns out, if you get to the state bank, start your hands and take, how much will you take away? ..

A similar situation is with the National Welfare Fund (NWF), where there is more than 13 trillion rubles and the cost of negligence is much higher.

The Accounts Chamber checked how the funds are managed there. Alas, exactly the same. Auditor Alexei Savatyugin noted that the available reports of the NWF are not enough to assess the results of the work, and for some reason the fund’s money is being invested in illiquid assets, from which no profit can be expected.

The community of experts knows that if the same mistakes and mistakes are repeated in different schemes of using public money, these are no longer episodes, but a system. Why spend funds on the economy and social services, when there are already enough people willing to find “good” use for them …

Lavrenty Pavlov.


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