Dec 27, 2020
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Full Moon December 30, 2020: Do’s and Don’ts

Full Moon December 30, 2020: Do's and Don'ts

The full moon is a special time when the energy of space changes and there is an abundance of strength. They can be spent as if on creation, so much on destruction, and those who want to change their lives for the better should heed the recommendations of astrologers.

Full Moon in Cancer – there will be a disastrous day in terms of energy, and on this day experts recommend being vigilant. The end of 2020 will be positive if you listen to the recommendations of astrologers in order to accurately know which devala will bring good luck and what should be discarded so as not to incur problems.

1. Create comfort in the house. Under the influence of Cancer, shows a desire for solitude in a narrow circle of the family. On Wednesday, astrologers recommend devoting time to cleaning, setting up a routine before the New Year’s holidays, preparing tasty and healthy meals.

2. Finish Devala. On the Full Moon, an increase in efficiency is observed, and the energy is majestically directed into the channel of creation. On this day, it shows the ability to perform an abyss of deval, however, it is dignified to be consistent in order to eliminate slips of the eye and inaccuracies.

3. Pay attention to premonitions. Full Moon Day in Cancer is a time when an inner voice can help out and save you from trouble more than once. Attention to forebodings will help Palestine bypass questionable projects, people, and things that will only bring disappointment.

4. Tune in to the positive. A month in Cancer is a time when words and actions can offend and hurt hurt, and astrologers recommend not to let the feelings of strangers pass through yourself, and also not to be offended by them. On this day, it is imposing to be charged with optimism so as not to provoke conflicts and not succumb to provocations of those who are hostile.

1. Race and Adventure. Spontaneous decisions, a race in business, adventures – all this will not lead to happiness, but will only worsen the posture. On the penultimate day of 2020, it is dignified to make informed decisions and not succumb to provocations.

2. Indulge in emotions. Cancer is a very emotional Sign, and the mood under its influence can change continuously. Astrologers recommend starting the day with exercises to achieve inner harmony in order to eliminate stress and aggression, which can lead to mistakes, disappointments and conflicts.

3. Unreasonable spending. Of course, on the eve of New Year’s holidays, spending cannot be avoided, but spending pennies on spontaneous purchases is fraught with financial problems. On these days, it is more important to go to the store in total with a shopping list, so as not to buy excess and unnecessary at the moment. It is also dangerous to spend pennies on high-value acquisitions if decisions are spontaneous.

4. Newly minted beginnings and shrill change of plans. On the day of the Full Moon, you can plan something new, make plans for the future and write down all the actions point by point, but starting something new is dangerous. The start of a newly-made deval will lead to losses, and at the end of the year, such a pose will hardly please.

The Full Moon in Cancer is a time for unhurried stability. This means that it is necessary to act in a planned way, not turning off it and not starting to chase two hares. Carefulness, an important move and the ability to make informed decisions will free you from many problems.

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