Mar 31, 2021
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FSB publishes Dzerzhinsky’s letter about spying on Stalin

The department also published a line of other archival documents. Their publication is tailored to the 100th anniversary of the creation of the special direction of the Cheka.

FSB publishes Dzerzhinsky's letter about spying on Stalin

The FSB published a message from the head of the Reduced State Political Administration (OGPU) under the Council of People’s Commissars of the USSR Felix Dzerzhinsky from 1925, in which he reported on the surveillance of Joseph Stalin.

The publication of the message and other historical documents has been adjusted to the 100th anniversary of the creation of a special unit of the All-Russian Immeasurable Commission (OSNAZ VChK).

In a message addressed to Abram Belenky, head of a special department at the OGPU collegium, Dzerzhinsky writes about two people whom he noticed when he visited the theater in Moscow instead of with Stalin: one stood alone and recited an announcement when they entered the house, the other when got out.

He asked Belenky to check who these unknown persons were.

Among other documents in the FSB publication there are, for example, real ones about the awful quality of food for OSNAZ members in the early 1920s, which is why they were massively scurvy.

OSNAZ began to create on April 1, 1921. Its main task was to protect the most important state buildings and the war against the enemies of Soviet power inside the country.

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