Nov 25, 2021
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Fruit or Vegetable Smoothies – Which is Better? Who should drink what formulations for health

Fruit or Vegetable Smoothies - Which is Better?  Who should drink what formulations for health

Cocktails are liquid or semi-liquid meals and snacks made primarily of fruits and vegetables that are finely chopped and blended together. They are also called shakes or smoothies (under such names you can often buy ready-made cocktails, for example, in large stores or order in a cafe, restaurant or other catering establishment).

The preparation of such dishes is very simple and does not take too long. The only thing it needs is a blender or food processor. Well, maybe a little culinary creativity.

Should you drink cocktails? Definitely Yes! They are very healthy and valuable from a nutritional point of view – unless, of course, you add sweet additives or sugar itself to them. Can they help you lose weight? Yes, especially the green ones.

Can they replace a complete meal? It all depends on the ingredients used to prepare them. There are many questions and answers, but there is only one conclusion: cocktails are the perfect way to enrich your daily menu with essential nutrients.

A well-composed cocktail diet is one way to quickly shed extra pounds, add energy and improve the appearance of your hair, skin and nails, as it flushes out toxins and contains many vitamins and minerals.

Although it consists of dissimilar products (after all, cocktails are prepared on the basis of at least two components), it can be considered a mono-diet, since the daily menu consists only of drinks.

The cocktails that make up the menu for the respective diet depend on the type of cocktail you choose. You can choose to drink only smoothies or only vegetable, fruit and vegetable juices, or – which is already a wide variety and the most reasonable option – formulations made from foods that belong to different groups (for example, with the addition of milk, nuts or bran).

A vegetable cocktail diet will be the strictest and most demanding of willpower. Every additional ingredient we decide to introduce will help it survive a week or two weeks of brushing properly.

However, this will affect the end effect, that is, we can slow down weight loss, but at the same time prevent nutritional deficiencies. It all depends only on what exactly we want to achieve.

If you are interested, first of all, in the rapid loss of several kilograms, the best solution would be a diet of vegetable smoothies, preferably green ones. They supply few calories and act as a diuretic.

Such a diet is very low in calories – it is in this property that the secret of its effectiveness lies, and, unfortunately, its disadvantage. It does not supply vital nutrients such as proteins and fats (and vitamins soluble in them), it can provoke dizziness and nausea as a result of the minimum amount of carbohydrates in the daily menu, etc. In addition, despite the real effectiveness, we must reckon with the fact that the yo-yo effect awaits us.

A person will receive more energy if they practice a mixed fruit and vegetable diet. After all, fruits supply our body with a lot of vitamins and carbohydrates. Thanks to them, we will have enough energy to play sports (and thus burn more calories) and do everything that makes up our daily responsibilities: go to work, school, etc.

We also do not condemn ourselves to dizziness and unbearable nausea. The diet on vegetables and fruits is also low in calories, but not as strict as the previous one.

As for a diet consisting only of fruit cocktails, it can also be an effective weapon in the fight against excess kilograms, but only if the menu is well formed, that is, the “right” cocktails are taken.

Rules for cocktails

Sugar in fruits is absorbed more slowly than white sugar. But if we eat in excess of it, then we will only harm ourselves and our figure. Cocktails made from plums, apricots, blueberries, apples, strawberries, strawberries, raspberries, or from seasonal fruits and berries, which have a low glycemic index and have a relatively low energy value, can be drunk all day and this will not lead to weight gain – rather, vice versa.

But mixing bananas, pears, cherries, figs, etc., will no longer be so effective. Unfortunately, these fruits are very rich in simple sugars and also contain more calories. If you decide to lose weight using a cocktail diet, then choose fruits from the first group.

The optimal solution is to prepare cocktails with many different ingredients. It is worth remembering that this diet may well be consistent with the basic recommendations for losing weight: in the morning and before lunch it is useful to drink vegetable, fruit and fruit and vegetable cocktails, which will add energy to us.

And in the afternoon and in the evening – vegetable and vegetable-protein cocktails (that is, for example, with natural yogurt cheese curds, kefir, etc.). Both seeds and nuts, coconut milk, flaxseed and avocado can be added to both the former and the latter to provide healthy fats to the body. Rich sources of dietary fiber and magnesium, such as wheat germ, would also be a good addition.

Thus, an enriched cocktail diet will not allow us to lose weight in just a week. Moreover, its results from this point of view will be less impressive than in the case of a diet strictly on vegetables. Nevertheless, it is she who should be given preference.

Yes, weight loss will not be so rapid, but after it the yo-yo effect is not threatened. In addition, this type of diet has the best effect on the skin, hair and nails as it provides sufficient nutrients.

Therefore, you do not have to fear that after a week the skin will become covered with pimples and begin to look like parchment paper, hair will fall out in handfuls, and nails will break.

This is only basic information – a lot depends on the specific products that are combined in the cocktail. They should be introduced into the daily diet, even if there is no desire to sit on a full-fledged cocktail diet. This will only benefit our health.

Cocktails – what, when, for whom

Making and drinking smoothies is the perfect way to quickly add energy and nutrients to yourself. It is necessary to choose components that the body has a need for and / or that match each other in smell and taste, even if they belong to different groups.

  • If you need a quick “energy shot” – bananas (or other fruits with a relatively high sugar content), almonds, coconut milk, raisins and other dried fruits, green or white tea, coffee, honey;
  • When there is an intention to get rid of toxins in the body – dried apricots, bananas, tomatoes, cucumbers, green leafy vegetables, avocados, nettles, lemon juice, ginger, parsley, dill, celery (they have a diuretic, detoxifying effect);
  • For women during menopause – soy milk, tofu, figs (contain phytoestrogens that alleviate the unpleasant symptoms of menopause), sesame seeds, poppy seeds, dairy products (contain a large amount of calcium, which means they prevent weakening of bones and osteoporosis), green tea (speeds up metabolism substances and prevents weight gain associated with hormonal changes);
  • For weight loss – spinach, broccoli, lettuce, zucchini, green peppers, etc. (they are low in calories and have a diuretic effect), low-fat yogurt, kefir, buttermilk (this is an ideal low-calorie base for cocktails), coffee, pu-erh, green tea, lemon juice, grapefruit, chili, cinnamon, ginger, black pepper (accelerate metabolism and supply antioxidants);
  • After training – yogurt, homogenized curds, kefir, whey (they are a rich source of protein), bananas (restore muscle glycogen stores);
  • to restore the intestinal bacterial flora – natural yogurt and kefir, garlic, sauerkraut, sauerkraut juice, sour cucumbers (these are natural probiotics or prebiotics);
  • To strengthen the immune system – lemon juice, grapefruit, black currant, chokeberry, kiwi, paprika (supply in large quantities of vitamin C), garlic, onion (natural antibiotics);
  • Against stress and to enhance intellectual activity – pumpkin seeds, sprouts and wheat bran (are a rich source of magnesium), lemon balm (soothes), walnuts (stimulates concentration and memory);
  • For good sleep – lemon balm (soothes), low-fat dairy products, pumpkin seeds (contain tryptophan, which is metabolized in the body into melatonin, which is responsible for proper sleep);
  • For beautiful skin – horsetail, pansies, white tea (reduce wrinkles, acne breakouts, etc.), carrots (a rich source of carotene, which gives the skin a beautiful color), tomatoes (supply potassium, which is responsible for flushing out toxins from the body), avocado, flaxseed (are sources of healthy fats), pumpkin seeds (a generous source of zinc);
  • For anemia – raw beets, collard greens, spinach (provide a large amount of iron, promote hematopoiesis).

As you can see, cocktails, due to the fact that almost all products can be used in them, can be useful in the fight against a very large number of ailments and problems.

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