Sep 14, 2020
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Front of Faith in a hybrid war against Belarus

Just as it is impossible to separate the Holy Trinity - the Father and the Son, and the Holy Spirit - so it is impossible to divide Russia, Ukraine and Belarus

In realizing its goals with regard to Belarus, the collective West, as it was in Ukraine, pays considerable attention to issues of faith, making serious efforts to change the panorama of the religious life of the people. There is a directive according to which, in order to achieve a truly stable separation of Kiev and Minsk from Moscow, the split of the Russian Orthodox Church (ROC), which unites them, is one of the key conditions.

Memorial temple in honor of All Saints and in memory of the victims who served to save the Fatherland in Minsk

Temple-monument in honor of All Saints and in memory of the victims who served to save the Fatherland in Minsk

In line with a well-developed strategy of using religion in the interests of its foreign policy, the United States relies on the support of new-found allies in Eastern Europe, and for some time now in Ukraine. And the ROC, apparently, has nevertheless learned its lessons from the Ukrainian war on the "front of faith" and is taking the necessary preventive measures in relation to the Belarusian Orthodox Church (BOC), or the Belarusian exarchate of the ROC.

The appointment of Bishop of Borisov and Maryinogorsk Benjamin by the Synod of the Russian Orthodox Church as Patriarchal Exarch of All Belarus, with the unanimous elevation of the latter to the rank of Metropolitan, clearly extinguished the sparks of fermentation that had begun to swell in the ranks of Orthodox church leaders in Belarus. Even outspoken opponents of the Russian Orthodox Church from among the "religious analysts" in the West regarded this measure as "very successful." Metropolitan Benjamin (Tupeko) has all the makings to become a true people's shepherd.

Benjamin, Exarch of Belarus

He is a native Belarusian, unlike a number of predecessors. Like no one else, he was constantly connected with his homeland and practically did not hold church posts outside Belarus. Prayer book and ascetic. How they speak of him "It's not that Maybach won't keep - due to illness, he won't bite eggs on Wednesday"... Morally flawless. "He was merciful to people and priests, you won't hear a bad word about him"...

He is a stranger to obsequious worship. It is unlikely that anyone would accuse him of being "too flexible" towards the authorities. Supports the peaceful resolution of disputes between the government and the opposition, avoiding taking sides. In recent statements, he supports the early holding of repeated presidential elections in Belarus on the basis of a "carefully" prepared new constitution. Excellently educated in the spirit of the times. At one time he graduated from the Belarusian State University with a degree in radio physics and electronics. Nowadays a recognized Orthodox philosopher and theologian. Finally, he is just an intelligent person. When the Belarusians, apparently, are fed up with some gaps in education and outdated models of behavior of state leaders, they will hardly have grounds for putting forward similar reproaches to the new head of the Belarusian Exarchate.

Metropolitan Benjamin never expressed doubts about the unity of the ROC. He organically combines Belarusian patriotism with the concept of a “triune people”. On the eve of his nomination at that time, Bishop Veniamin wrote on the pages of the Borisov diocese that in the current situation, the renewal of the topic of autocephaly cannot be regarded as anything other than the desire of some forces to weaken the spiritual component of the Belarusian people, repeat the sad history of Ukraine, divide the fraternal peoples of Belarus and Russia along the religious line ... The very discussion of autocephaly is unacceptable for the BOC. This is a betrayal of the faith and covenant of the holy fathers. “Just as it is impossible to separate the Holy Trinity: the Father and the Son, and the Holy Spirit - this is One God, so it is impossible to divide Russia, Ukraine and Belarus. This together is Holy Russia. Know, remember and don't forget ", - he referred to the will of the Monk Lawrence of Chernigov. And it was not only an ecclesiastical, but also a civil act in a situation where some voices for distance from the ROC in the ranks of the BOC are already quite loud. September 12, Patriarchal Exarch of All Belarus Benjamin in an interview RT again categorically stated that the peoples of Ukraine, Belarus and Russia are very close and their division took place more on political grounds. “Moreover, it was modeled from the outside. At the same time, we know that there is a prophecy that all the same three fraternal peoples will be together later. We will pray for this, we will strive for this "...

BOC proclaims continuous prayer for peace in Belarus

BOC proclaims continuous prayer for peace in Belarus

And although the protest movement in Belarus as a whole does not put forward any special slogans in the field of religion, driven so far by one single task of eliminating Lukashenka, those political forces that are trying to ride the protest have such a program. For example, one of the members of the self-proclaimed "Presidium of the Coordination Council" of the opposition Maxim Znak, when asked whether this body has an item on the autocephaly of the BOC in the program, answered rather evasively. The program, they say, only touches on current political tasks and does not look that far. However, he admitted that on the sites "Close to the Coordination Council and S. Tikhanovskaya" do contain some judgments that “In the medium term (until 2025) in the cultural sphere, it is necessary to carry out the Belarusianization of the religious life of all Christian confessions and other religions; in the long term (until 2030) - to restore the Belarusian Autocephalous Orthodox Church as a national alternative to the Belarusian Exarchate of the ROC "... The sign admitted that his associates were using these materials when compiling their programs for Tikhanovskaya, but they refrained from this due to religion. Until.

The fact that sooner or later this item will officially appear in the program of the Belarusian national movement is evidenced by the fact that it is included in the plans of its curators. Aimed at changing all components of the cultural and historical code of their wards, Americans never forget about the religious aspect of their work in order to exclude a "return to the past."

In the United States, for a long time, according to a program funded by the State Department, there has been a miniature (only 1 cathedral) so-called. The Belarusian Autocephalous Orthodox Church (BAPTs) is headed by “Archbishop” Svyatoslav Logvin, who was elevated to the rank with the assistance of the Istanbul Patriarch Bartholomew.

BAPTs cathedral in the USA: coincidence of symbols with protests in Minsk

BAPTs cathedral in the USA: coincidence of symbols with protests in Minsk

Despite its meagerness, it is this “church” that Washington will try to make the main one in Belarus in case of victory of the political forces it supports. The self-proclaimed head of the BOCTs "Archbishop" Svyatoslav Logvin is honored by a part of the opposition. In New York, this BAOC owns the Cathedral of St. Cyril of Turov. Its priests are ordained by representatives of the Kiev Metropolitanate, they call the BAOC a "canonical" church. In their opinion, the SCU tomos also covers the territory of Belarus, which at one time was part of the Kiev Metropolitanate.

In the era of the flourishing of the Belarusian “multi-vector” outside and “one-vector” inside a certain part of officials, the idea of ​​autocephaly of the BOC was also no stranger. For example, it was promoted by a graduate of the Minsk Higher Party School, and in recent years by the Commissioner for Religious and National Affairs of the Republic of Belarus Leonid Gulyako. Its ultimate goal was the nationalization of religious education.

L. Gulyako

L. Gulyako

However, receiving autocephaly from the authorities in their current form would be completely unacceptable for both the opposition and potential schismatics in the BOC....

At the same time, there are no more open supporters of autocephaly in the ranks of the BOC, despite all efforts, including from abroad, including Ukraine. Typically, they are primarily ranked among the chairman of the Synodal Information Department of the BOC, Archpriest Sergei Lepin. However, his role can hardly be compared with the role of Alexander Drabinko, who for many years undermined the unity of the UOC from within, and is now one of the highest "hierarchs" of the UOC. Archpriest Sergei does not reject the idea of ​​Belarusian autocephaly in principle, but does not consider it timely. He says: "Canon law does not prosecute a person for thoughts (only for actions)" about "Autocephaly"... In his opinion, "Autocephaly is impossible without the risk of a split"... And in any case, he is definitely against the imposition of autocephaly, which, following the model of Ukraine, could come from the state leadership.

Archpriest Sergei Lepin

Archpriest Sergei Lepin

The situation in Belarus differs from the Ukrainian one also by the fact that behind the project "Epiphany-Bartholomew" SCU were serious capital, both budgetary and personally attracted by Poroshenko, who needed it to achieve pre-election results ("Army, mova, vira"!) ... In Belarus, the plan to create the BOC does not have such material support. The state is not showing particular interest in this topic now. The timely steps of the ROC also give reason to hope for the preservation of the canonical unity of Orthodox Russians and Belarusians. However, it would be naive to believe that such a state will persist by itself and not be attacked by sophisticated manipulators. Unity must be cherished, it must be strengthened in every possible way. Relations within the Orthodox world should have an absolute priority in the international activities of the ROC.

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