Aug 10, 2022
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From the “killer of Putin’s air defense” only fragments remained: F-22, flying out of Poland, gropes for our radars

Only wreckage remains of "Putin


Fragments of an American-made AGM-88 HARM (High-speed Anti-Radar Missile) guided aircraft missile were discovered for the first time in the zone of a special military operation in Ukraine. This type of missile is used exclusively to destroy enemy radar systems (RLS), but the transfer of such ammunition to Kyiv has not been previously reported.

Parts of the AGM-88 HARM were found at the positions of the allied forces, presumably in the Kherson region – where it is not reported exactly. The belonging of the remnants was given out by the marking on the remaining whole piece of the tail – “BSU-60 A / B”, according to the telegram channel “Military Observer”.

It is noted that this is the first documentary evidence of the use of such missiles by the Ukrainian military. Although this ammunition does not appear in the official lists of the Pentagon.

Meanwhile, the question is not only how these weapons got to Ukraine, but also from what carrier the launch was carried out, if it did take place. The Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation has not yet commented on this information.

The AGM-88 HARM high-speed anti-radar missile has been in service with the US Army since 1983. It was developed by Alliant Techsystems specifically for American fighters, and is capable of hitting not only continuous-wave radars, but also stations with a change in operating frequencies.

Some European combat aircraft may also use the AGM-88 HARM. In particular, it can be installed on the Panavia Tornado multirole fighter, a joint brainchild of German, British and Italian companies, which is one of the main NATO military aircraft.

In general, today these missiles are in the arsenal of many countries, including Germany, Italy, Spain, Turkey, Greece and South Korea. It is known, for example, that Allied aviation actively used them against Iraqi air defense radars during Operation Desert Storm in 1991.

That is, in any case, the main carriers of the AGM-88 HARM can be either American or NATO combat aircraft. There is simply no information that modernized Soviet-style winged vehicles were adapted for them.

But neither “Americans” nor “Europeans” have been seen in the sky of Ukraine since the beginning of the NWO. Until now, at least.

The experts of the portal put forward their own version on this matter. They linked the APU strikes with AGM-88 missiles to the supply of American F-22 fighters to Poland. Twelve of these aircraft, the Pentagon, last week transferred from the UK to a military airbase in the Polish city of Lask.

To date, this is the most inconspicuous American multifunctional fighter for radar equipment, which is also capable of launching such projectiles. Plus, the experts recalled that earlier “there were already suggestions that American F-22s would be used on the border between Poland and Ukraine for covert missions.”

To comment on the situation, “SP” asked director of the Museum of Air Defense Forces, military expert Yuri Knutov:

– AGM-88 HARM is an anti-radar missile, it is designed to destroy radar stations and missile guidance stations. Guided by radio beam. Moreover, even if scanning stops, the coordinates of the target remain in the memory of the missile, and it flies to the target and destroys the antenna post, making either the radar complex or the missile guidance station virtually useless. Replacing either the antenna post or the antenna system is required – it all depends on the damage that has been caused.

These rockets have been used for a long time. In particular, the Americans and their allies used them in the Middle East.

By the way, at one time our calculations were taught how to determine the separation of this type of missile from the target. Well, and accordingly, the fight against them. There is even a special protection complex called “Newsman-E”, which is capable of diverting these missiles to the side, creating an aerosol cloud of radar reflective materials over the air defense system and thus neutralizing the missile.

The question is, where did these American missiles come from in Ukraine? There was no data that they were supplied to Kyiv. They were not listed either in the Pentagon lists published by the American media, or in the requests of the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense.

“SP”: – Perhaps these are some kind of secret deliveries?

– I do not exclude. The Ukrainians themselves tried to explain this by the fact that they had MiG-29s from Slovenia. They were allegedly modified in order to use these missiles. But this is a fairy tale. Nobody modernized these MiGs. And, moreover, no one gave AGM-88 missiles to Slovenia or Slovakia.

Here Poland is perhaps the only one among Eastern Europeans who can have access to such technologies.

So, there is a possibility that from its territory, American F-22s could fly into the territory of Ukraine and launch at our anti-aircraft missile systems in order to destroy them. Because our “Buks”, “Tors” and “Pantsirs” are all on the same machine, and when a missile hits the antenna system, the entire mobile anti-aircraft missile system is actually destroyed.

Considering the low radar visibility of the F-22 (it is several times less than that of the F-35), they may well be used to conduct such covert operations on the territory of Ukraine.

But if this is confirmed, then the whole alignment will change radically. Since we are talking about the direct participation of the United States in the war against Russia. This is a completely different situation, and we must react here in a completely different way.

Moreover, judging by the latest statements by the American side that the military conflict will not end in winter, but will continue next year, and the United States will do everything for this, the Americans intend to aggravate the situation as much as possible. Given this political approach to events in Ukraine, I would not be surprised if the Pentagon agreed with the administration Biden secret operation to use the F-22 to destroy our anti-aircraft missile systems on the territory of Ukraine.

“SP”: – How can we counteract these plans?

– All our new complexes, such as Buk-M3, even partly S-300PM-2, they can work on F-22. Only special preparation of calculations is needed.

The same situation was in the mid-60s in Vietnam, when the Americans got the predecessor of HARM – the AGM-45 Shrike missile. It was a rocket projectile, which was also homing on the radio beam of the station. But they were quickly dealt with. And the efficiency of Shrike has dropped to a few – from 5 to 10 percent, which is just a tiny amount.

Nevertheless, for our Aerospace Forces, Air Defense and Ground Forces, the appearance of American anti-radar missiles in the Ukrainian theater of operations should be a fairly serious signal. Since the F-22s can approach at low altitudes to a distance where their radars do not detect all complexes (there are restrictions here), and attack. Therefore, of course, it is now necessary to train the calculations taking into account the changed circumstances.

But the missile itself has such characteristics that, in general, allow it to be shot down, both by the Pantsir complex and the Tor complex.

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