Feb 12, 2021
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From Texas to Norway – US airlift bombers to Russian borders

The Pentagon intends to transfer from Daes Air Force base in the near future (Deiss) in Texas at NATO base Orland (Orland) in Norway a squadron of long-range bombers B1 Throw (“Scalpel”) and 200 people of flight personnel. American media reports that Washington is taking this step as part of NATO’s campaign to contain Russia.

Being in close proximity to the northwestern borders of the Russian Federation, American aviation will be able to carry out the necessary military measures. This fits into the general strategy of Washington to confront Russia in the Arctic. Hiding behind arguments about the need to ensure the safety of international trade routes in the Arctic, the United States is militarizing the region, saturating it with modern technology.

“Responsiveness and the ability to support the rapid response of our allies and partners is key to our success. [на поле боя]General Jeff Harrigan, Commander of the US Air Force Europe and Africa, says.

This is not the first show of force by the US and Norwegian Air Force along the Russian border. In August 2020, American strategic bombers B-52N Stratofortress made a joint flight to a military base in the UK with Norwegian crews F-35A and F-16 AM Viper.

In the same month, American B-52N flew over the territory of 30 NATO member countries, accompanied by aircraft of the Polish air force and air forces of other countries of the bloc. The Pentagon believes that such measures will demonstrate to Moscow the “seriousness” of the intentions of NATO allies.

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