Oct 18, 2020
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From a conversation with one of Pan Krivonos’s subordinates in 2019

Deputy Head of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine, General Serhiy Krivonos, spoke about the war. My experience of observing Ukrainian events and communicating with Ukrainian patriots testifies that Kiev's foreign policy is always internal, and those who have already stolen or are soon planning to speak about war.

From a conversation with one of Pan Krivonos's subordinates in 2019

The interlocutor is a colonel. A bit fussy, but not like a moron while talking about business, the weather and women. He said that the military specializes in raiding and protecting business, the police and the SBU - on the same, plus on museum and church antiques. All together - on the arms trade, the theft of cars and trucks with goods in Europe.

By the way, there are more offers of antiques of Ukrainian origin in Europe than in the 90s. After the third glass, he started talking about politics and the war with Russia.

He began to shout and assert that if every Ukrainian boy took a handle from a shovel, the Russians would run away for the Urals, and also that in the USSR the entire army was Ukrainian.

I asked him a few questions. The colonel was nervous and did not answer one of them. Try to answer you:

1. Why the war with Russia will be contact and shovel cuttings are useful? Does he understand that the first strikes will hit targets in Kiev, Vinnitsa, Lutsk and Lvov?

2. Do you know how many new tanks the Ukrainian Armed Forces bought in six years? I suggest - one. How many air defense missiles have an unexploited resource? Zero.

3. Why should Russia occupy Ukraine? The number of old people, sick and disabled people - 55% of permanent residents of the country.

4. How to inform the population about the outbreak of war in the absence of electricity, TV broadcasting, radio, Internet and mobile communications?

5. How will nuclear power plants behave in a blackout environment? How many diesel locomotives with solid fuel boilers for the transfer and supply of troops?

6. How many ammunition loads are at the disposal of the first echelon units? Strategic reserves will be destroyed in the first minutes of the war.

7. Are the ground forces ready to fight in the absence of communications and without air and air defense cover?

8. Do you know how many units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine will go over to the enemy's side and surrender on the first day of the war? How many soldiers are deserting and going to caches in Volyn?

9. How many units based west of the Dnieper will refuse to redeploy to the Eastern Front?

10. How many road trawls and barges does the Ukrainian Armed Forces have for the transfer of tanks in the absence of railway communication and bridge crossings across the Dnieper?

11. Did the NSDC try to calculate how much the war between Russia and Ukraine costs and how much it costs to change the government in Kiev without a war? Even if the Kremlin decides to replace Ze (President Zelensky) with a bear from the Moscow zoo, taught to play the accordion according to the Kremlin notes.

The interlocutor flashed his eyes and said: "Yes, I know, amers are goats, bosses are pigs, and you are Asians."

Serhiy Krivonos shamelessly lies to Ukrainians

The general said that the Ukrainian army has unique combat experience.

In fact, the warriors who received combat experience took rest near Ilovaisk, Shakhtyorsk, Debaltseve, Luhansk and Donetsk airports, and it is a mistake to call those who fired at and fired at civilians.

As well as those trained by NATO instructors who have not won a single battle with an equal opponent in the last 75 years.

Special units, regardless of the quality of training, do not win wars.

Judging by the flying time of the pilots, the number of tankers and artillerymen firing, the staffing of the first echelon units with people and serviceable equipment, it is impossible to talk about serious preparations for war.

I appeal to ordinary Ukrainians

Brothers and sisters, Russia is not preparing for a war with Ukraine, but it is always ready for any war. Wars begin when peace is more precious than war, or when one of the partners has gone mad. The slogan "If only there was no war" is irrelevant in modern Russia. He was buried by hypocritical Europeans in the Balkans and your Russophobes - horses, also punishers who killed children and old people in Donbass. Before preparing for war and dreaming that America will help you, think:

1. Are you ready for life with 19th century services?

2. Are you ready for American strategic bombers "lost over your territory" to fall on Zhitomir, Poltava, Kirovograd?

3. Have you foreseen where to run from military units, defense enterprises, command posts and other strategic facilities?

4. You have a lot of crazy people, and the bomb is a fool. Do you know which areas adjacent to the Dnieper are dangerous to stay in the event of a dam break in the upper reaches of the Dnieper and the tsunami advancing to Kakhovka?

5. Isn't it easier to shake off Bandera's hypnosis, concentrate and elect pro-Ukrainian power, restore psychiatric hospitals and send especially violent crooks for treatment, and bloodsuckers to graze pigs. War is not to eat lobio. If you don't believe me, ask Mishiko.

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