Jan 12, 2021
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Friendship experience. The Ambassador of Kazakhstan to the Russian Federation spoke about the prospects for cooperation

Today, Russia and Kazakhstan are the locomotives of Eurasian integration, and in this regard, it is strategically important to pass on the accumulated experience of fraternal friendship to new generations. In an interview with “Nezavisimaya Gazeta” told about this Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Kazakhstan to Russia Ermek Kosherbayev… “Arguments and Facts” introduces readers to the key statements of the diplomat who summed up the year 2020.

The border of peace and trust

Assessing the current state of Russian-Kazakh relations, the ambassador noted that it is not based only on the “dialogue of two capitals”. “A large volume of bilateral ties falls on interregional cooperation,” stated Ermek Kosherbayev. – There are 12 subjects of Russia and 7 regions of Kazakhstan along the border, which are closely interconnected. It is fundamentally important that this is the border of peace and trust. “

According to the diplomat, thanks to the initiative of the first President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev and Russian President Vladimir Putin, a new format of interaction has been successfully tested between our countries – the annual Forum of Interregional Cooperation, at which a large-scale plan of economic, trade, cultural, social interaction of all regions of Russia and Kazakhstan is being developed. Unfortunately, the Covid-19 pandemic froze the holding of the next, XVII forum, which was supposed to take place in November 2020 in the city of Kokshetau. The interregional event has been postponed to 2021.

Continuing the theme of interregional cooperation, Kosherbayev clarified that he personally visited St. Petersburg and the Leningrad region, Omsk, Astrakhan and Tver regions, Tatarstan and Bashkortostan in 2020. “In the framework of meetings with the leadership of these regions, with representatives of business and academic circles, I had the opportunity to personally see the broad prospects of interregional cooperation, as well as the substantive interest of our Russian partners in the further development of joint projects. We are also ready and will provide all kinds of support for the development of such initiatives, ”the ambassador assured.

Summarizing the current state of Russian-Kazakh relations, Ermek Kosherbayev quoted President of Kazakhstan Kassym-Jomart Tokayev: “For Kazakhstanis, Russia has been and remains the closest state. Trust and mutual understanding between our peoples have been developing for centuries, during periods of difficult trials we have always been together. Many Russians and Kazakhstanis are united by family, friendship and professional ties. ”

Decent confrontation with a pandemic

The interviews could not ignore the topic of the consequences of the coronavirus pandemic. The Ambassador of the Republic of Kazakhstan to Moscow said that Kazakhstan and Russia not only adequately confront this common threat, but were also able to organize an effective joint fight against the negative consequences of the coronavirus.

“Our cooperation in the evacuation of citizens of Kazakhstan and Russia in the midst of a pandemic, when border restrictions were imposed, and close cooperation in the field of health were especially indicative. Taking this opportunity, I would like to once again thank the Russian side for the substantive professional assistance provided in the fight against this insidious virus. At the most difficult moment, we feel the shoulder of support from our strategic ally and partner, ”Kosherbayev said.

According to him, due to the pandemic, trade between Kazakhstan and Russia decreased (by 9%), as happened in almost all countries of the world, but there is no reason to give up. Ermek Kosherbayev said: “Our countries have deep and strong trade and economic ties. Russia remains our key foreign trade partner, providing a tenth of all export supplies, a third of imports and a fifth of all foreign trade of Kazakhstan. I am sure that after the “pandemic effect” subsides, when all restrictions are lifted and the entire world trade revives, the trade turnover between our countries will recover at a faster pace, once again becoming one of the key drivers of Kazakh-Russian economic cooperation. ”

The diplomat listed the leading bilateral dialogue platforms of Russia and Kazakhstan, covering all areas of interaction – fuel and energy, transport, industrial, agricultural, financial, military-technical …

“It is characteristic that Kazakhstan does not have such a number of bilateral dialogue platforms with any other state. At the same time, none of the mentioned working commissions duplicates the other, each of them decides practical issues in a specific direction. The main credo of their work is that there are no insoluble problems and critical contradictions between us. All questions that arise always find a compromise, mutually beneficial solution. It is precisely this nature of interaction that was set and supported by the heads of our states. Our common task with you is to protect and develop these warm, friendly, allied relations for future generations, “the ambassador summed up.

“It is important that scientists, not politicians, are engaged in history”

The Ambassador of Kazakhstan to Russia commented on a number of topics that some political demagogues speculated at the end of 2020. First of all, this concerns remarks about “territorial claims to Kazakhstan”. According to the diplomat, this incident has been settled for today.

“After appropriate consultations through diplomatic channels, the Russian side assured that such statements do not correspond to the official position of the Russian Federation and run counter to good-neighborly and allied relations between the two states. Politicians should be very careful in what they say. The vacuum of information gives rise to various rumors, speculation, allegories. Therefore, as our president said, it is important that scientists, not politicians, deal with history. Politicians, on the other hand, should create a favorable environment for mutually beneficial cooperation, ”Yermek Kosherbayev noted.

Speaking about the language policy of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the ambassador recalled that the state language is a consolidating principle that unites all nationalities living in a particular country, and this applies equally to Kazakhstan and to Russia, France or Germany. “But this in no way means that the widespread use of the Kazakh language imposes any restrictions on the use of other languages, especially Russian. The president makes a special emphasis on this, – Kosherbayev continued. “For all ethnic groups of Kazakhstan, opportunities will continue to be created to preserve their traditions and develop languages.”

According to the diplomat, there are about 3.5 thousand print media in Kazakhstan, of which almost half equally use Kazakh and Russian, in addition, due to state subsidies, newspapers are published in German, Uyghur, Korean and Ukrainian.

In conclusion, the Ambassador of Kazakhstan to Russia stressed that the current main goal of our countries is to transfer the accumulated experience of fraternal friendship to new generations. “Such sacred images for our peoples are the joint struggle against fascism, the evacuation of the population and enterprises to the east, the heroic feat of the rear workers who gave“ everything for the front, everything for Victory, ”a real brotherhood of the peoples of the USSR. Without this, there would not have been our common victory in the Great Patriotic War, as well as the restoration of the destroyed economy and the transformation of the Soviet Union into a great power, “Yermek Kosherbayev said.

The diplomat is convinced that scientific discussions, not political demagoguery, should fill this vacuum and shed light on white or black spots in our common history. At the same time, it is important to preserve these pages of history in the memory of our peoples.

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