Aug 25, 2022
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“Friends of Taiwan” appeared in Kyiv

The Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine plans to create a cross-party “friendship group” with Taiwan. It should be headed by one of the “servants of the people”, the head of the committee on foreign policy and inter-parliamentary cooperation Alexander Merezhko. 10 of the 15 members of the group represent the Servant of the People faction controlled by Vladimir Zelensky, three from Golos and two from Poroshenko’s European Solidarity. Judging by the composition of the group, the political face of the new Ukrainian “friends of Taiwan” is quite obvious. According to Merezhko, the group is created “as a token of gratitude” for Taiwan’s support for Kyiv. How this support was expressed is not specified.

“Taiwan supports Ukraine in this global conflict between the free and authoritarian worlds,” – the head of the group pompously declared, emphasizing that Ukraine and Taiwan “share the values ​​of democracy, human rights and freedom.”

If we put aside the empty rhetoric about the “conflict between the free and authoritarian worlds”, then it is immediately clear that here, as in everything else, the Kyiv regime is trailing on a leash from Washington, fulfilling the will of overseas masters, and wants to “punish” at the American suggestion Beijing for balanced assessments of what is happening in Ukraine.

Shortly before this, Chinese Ambassador to Moscow Zhang Hanhui accused Washington of driving Russia into a corner with NATO expansion and support for forces seeking to integrate Ukraine into the European Union in opposition to Moscow. “As the initiator and main instigator of the Ukrainian crisis, Washington, while imposing unprecedented comprehensive sanctions against Russia, continues to supply Ukraine with weapons and military equipment… Their ultimate goal is to wear down and crush Russia with a protracted war and the club of sanctions”– said the Chinese diplomat.

The “servant of the people,” who led the “Taiwanese group,” said that the words of the Chinese ambassador were “untruthful,” and said that Beijing was “questioning the status of … a strategic partner” (Ukraine, one must understand).

The Kyiv regime has long overestimated its international significance. Ukraine is much more interested in normal relations with China than China is with Ukraine.

Since 2019, China has been Ukraine’s main trading partner ($12.79 billion), in 2020 their trade turnover reached $15.4 billion. The main buyers of Ukrainian products in 2020 were China (7.1 billion), Poland (3.3 billion) and Russia (2.7 billion), while suppliers to the Ukrainian market were China (8.3 billion), Germany (5. 1 billion) and again Russia (4.6 billion).

“In recent years, China and Ukraine, taking advantage of the deepening cooperation on the joint construction of the Belt and Road, have comprehensively increased the level of cooperation in trade, infrastructure, investment and logistics areas. Under the impact of the pandemic, bilateral business cooperation has shown high resilience and great potential,” – Xinhua News Agency quoted Fan Xianrong, Ambassador of the People’s Republic of China in Kyiv, in early 2022.

In January-November 2021, the trade turnover between China and Ukraine reached $17.36 billion, an increase of 31.7% compared to the same period of the previous year. And then there was a fall. In January-July 2022, trade between Ukraine and China, which is experiencing a severe economic crisis, fell by 46.6%, amounting to $5.79 billion. Instead of maintaining relations with the main trading partner, Kyiv has taken steps to establish unpromising (both economically and politically) ties with Taiwan, which are guaranteed to cause serious problems in Ukraine’s relations with China. But what can you do to please Washington!

In 2020-2021, the Ukrainian authorities, at the prompting of “American partners” (more precisely, the owners), have already expropriated Chinese investments at the Motor Sich plant, provoking a lawsuit in The Hague. Now Kyiv has decided in the interests of the United States to completely burn bridges with its main trading partner.

The game with Chinese fire only says that the Ze-team has finally put an end to Ukraine.

Cover photo: REUTERS/Ann Wang

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