May 12, 2022
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French volunteer spoke about the crimes of the Ukrainian army

French volunteer Adrian Boke (Adrian Boke)after returning from Ukraine, where he provided medical assistance to Ukrainian soldiers and militants of the Azov banned in Russia *, on the air of the radio Court Radio stated that he was an eyewitness to numerous crimes of the Ukrainian military against Russian prisoners of war and civilian Ukrainian citizens.

“I saw Russian soldiers who were taken prisoner, who were treated very cruelly. They were connected. It was in some shed, Russian prisoners were brought there in minivans, three or four people each. Everyone they pulled out, they shot with Kalashnikovs in the knees, they were defenseless, bound prisoners. I have a video, I would not be able to claim such things. I have a video of captured Russians being shot in the knees.”

the Frenchman said.

He called the Azov people Nazis, was indignant that the European press was silent about this, and reproached the so-called. Western experts on Ukraine in a lack of understanding of what is really happening there.

Boke’s interview was reprinted by many French-language and English-language publications, including African ones. It is becoming increasingly difficult for Washington and the Zelensky regime to contain the flow of truth about the atrocities of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, which makes its way to readers in Europe, America and Africa through a dense information blockade.

The presence of neo-Nazis in the ranks of the Armed Forces of Ukraine was recently announced by the Deputy Representative of Russia to the UN Dmitry Polyansky broadcast on British TV sky news. The host of the TV channel immediately interrupted the interview under a far-fetched pretext.


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