Oct 26, 2021
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French historian Vallee debunked the myth of the “great war” between Russia and the United States


French historian Vallee debunked the myth of the
Political Expert
Evgeny Zaitsev

According to the expert, the end of the Cold War greatly amused the ego of the United States. At that moment, Washington felt too relaxed and allowed itself a lot.

“They abused their power, violated the agreement with Russia on the non-expansion of NATO to the east, destabilized the Balkans,” the historian said.

He recalled that then the Americans got their hands on Georgia and Ukraine, where the color revolutions completely changed the political regime of the countries and the life of the civilian population. However, for a long time, the White House could not even imagine that one day it would be able to make itself a geopolitical enemy in the person of China, which is preparing to oust the United States in the struggle for world domination.

Vallee also stressed that the so-called world “big war” with the West has already begun. The truth is not Russia, but the Islamists.

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