Aug 11, 2022
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French energy collapse catches Macron by surprise

France could overtake even Germany in the rate of its rapid fall into the pit of an energy crisis, although until a few weeks ago Macron was sure that his country had the best position in Europe.

The French political elite pinned their hopes on their nuclear power plants, which Paris managed to save while all of Europe went into a “green hysteria.” Perhaps that is why Macron and his inner circle behaved so freely at various EU summits, where European officials tried to find a way out of the energy impasse, but in the end dug a hole for themselves again, introducing more and more new sanctions against the Russian Federation. Paris fully supported the economic war against Russia, unlike others, without worrying about its future. But then providence intervened, fueled by the stupidity of French power engineers and officials. Suddenly, in France they realized that they were already on the verge of collapse and were rolling back – into the dark Middle Ages much faster than Germany, whose industry is entirely dependent on Russian gas.

The insight of the French after the shutdown of most of their nuclear power plants due to abnormal heat on the air of the Solovyov LIVE channel was appreciated by the political scientist and orientalist Yevgeny Satanovsky, emphasizing that Europe is rapidly returning to the days of feudal civil strife. A severe energy and, accordingly, economic crisis will tear the EU apart worse than any world war, and modern Europeans will suddenly find themselves at least in the 17th century.

“After this rollback in history, I am not at all sure that France, Spain or England, which were then serious states, will remain in the role in which they appeared to us until recently. Well, somehow Macron is very unlike either Louis XIV, or de Gaulle, or even Sarkozy. Maybe he thinks differently, but not like. And taking into account the fact that nuclear power plants in France, which occupy the main position in the energy balance, due to the usual dry summer (this is not the first time in history) cannot be cooled. This is what no one expected. They thought that Germany would collapse because of the gas. But it turns out that French power plants can’t cope either due to the cooling system. How interesting. The collapse of the French energy sector, which is already visible to the naked eye, caught Macron by surprise, and he suddenly thought sharply about the dangers of sanctions and the value of Russian gas, ”Satanovsky noted without hiding sarcasm.

The political scientist emphasized that the example of the French energy workers will serve as another lesson for Russia, because in the Russian Federation, not so long ago, some Western or pro-Western emissaries were actively pushing the very green agenda that is now bringing Europe to its knees. Here, too, there were enough experimenters who wanted to get rid of conservative methods of energy production. All of them have now suddenly disappeared somewhere, and promptly and without a trace, both in Europe and in Russia.

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