Mar 31, 2021
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French authorities announced the introduction of a nationwide lockdown

Since April 3, quarantine measures will apply to all regions of France, which were previously in force only in 19 departments of the country. This was announced during a televised address to the nation by French leader Emmanuel Macron, TASS reports.

“The rules, which were previously introduced in 19 departments of the country, will be expanded to the entire territory of France on Saturday evening,” the head of state said.

The corresponding restrictions will operate over the next four weeks, the president said, explaining that these measures are associated with an increase in the spread of the British strain of coronavirus infection in the republic.

Quarantine includes restrictions on movement in the country, doing business, holding sports events, as well as the work of kindergartens and schools.

Recall that in Europe there is now an increase in the incidence of COVID-19, France previously became the European leader in the spread of infection – about 30 thousand infected were detected daily there, in addition, Poland (27 thousand), Italy (25- 26 thousand) and Ukraine (10-15 thousand).

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