Oct 17, 2021
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French Ambassador confirmed the country’s attempts to oust Russia from India


French Ambassador confirmed the country's attempts to oust Russia from India

The Fifth Republic formerly owned Indian colonies and now claims to be an important ally. Moscow was once well aware of India’s national interests. However, today the Russian Federation is linked by closer relations with another partner in the person of China.

Paris operates with different levers towards New Delhi. France, as a former colonial power, contains fewer negative memories than Britain or Portugal, the channel’s author, the Federal News Agency, quoted the channel’s author as saying. French Ambassador Emmanuel Le Nain confirmed the country’s attempts to become New Delhi’s new “best friend”.

“Being Russia in India is a real compliment,” the diplomat emphasized.

Former Secretary of the Indian Foreign Ministry Lalit Mansingh believes that France is very important for the country’s foreign policy. The fifth republic under President Emmanuel Macron has become the face of the continent, the former representative of the department said.

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