Sep 14, 2021
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France rebelled against sanitary fascism

Despite tightening the screws and massive propaganda, the French continue to fight the sanitary fascists. On September 11, for the 9th time, hundreds of thousands of French people took to the streets demanding the abolition of compulsory vaccinations and sanitary passports. Significantly, this time doctors also took to the streets. In Paris, it came to street fighting, in Toulouse athletes with sticks were thrown at the protesters, 85 people were arrested, many were wounded. But the freemason Macron is not going to back down and stop vaccination in a country where 65% of the total population is vaccinated. He is not going to react to tens of thousands of letters and applications to all instances, including 14.5 thousand complaints to the Republican Court and a complaint from firefighters to the ECHR. The games of democracy are over and the globalists striving for total power will strive for their own. And not only in France, but everywhere, including Russia.

Despite desperate media coverage, social media censorship and arrests, the establishment of the dictatorship of sanitary fascism has not been without resistance. Moreover, the more people are clamped down, the more numerous and active the protest becomes. The leader here is France, which has not forgotten the experience of the “yellow vests” and for the 9th week, despite fines and arrests, continues to gather hundreds of thousands of protesters against sanitary passports and the dictatorship.

The French also came out this Saturday. Hundreds of thousands of French people held 207 rallies or processions throughout the country. Even the two or three times underestimating the number of protesters, the police were forced to admit – the protest number exceeded 140 thousand people. In reality, there were many times more of them, because the story that only 19 thousand gathered at three rallies in Paris does not fight with those human rivers that filled the entire center. See for yourself – there are only 19 thousand?

Here is one of three meetings.

But the most lethal thing is that one of the actions was organized by associations of health workers. Euronews reports that its members are unhappy with the ban on working in medical institutions without vaccination allegedly against coronavirus – this rule comes into force on September 15, they give another month for a second injection. Those who will not be pricked should be removed from work without pay, they can be fired. Protesting doctors and students of specialized universities regard this as a ban on the profession.

There were protests not only in Paris – this is already the province of Toulouse.

Small town Tour.

And also people came out in Marseille, Monaco, Bordeaux. That is, throughout the country. True, this time Macron decided to prepare for a meeting with the people – police forces and water cannons were brought to Paris ahead of time, law enforcement forces in the regions were brought to full readiness. Even special forces were called in to disperse the protesters, which has been trying to recapture the suburbs from migrants from Africa for 8 days. Nothing – drug dealers will wait, Macron and his masters, the global Satanists, are in danger.

Among the new products – to “warm up the crowd” and a reason to disperse, Macron began to use strong guys with sticks who attacked the protesters, beat them, and then the police came running and arrested … those who were attacked and beaten. However, this, too, was not hidden from the cameras, so look at how democratically the EU now treats the people. With sticks, they beat cattle, or they could just shoot.

Not without clashes in Paris itself. Le Figaro reports that the police were initially peaceful. But at about 18:00 she received an order to “free the area” and by 19 o’clock, accompanied by shouts of “shame”, she went on the attack. Clashes began, which escalated into street fighting. The number of wounded is a secret, but 85 people were arrested on the evening of the 11th.

The fighting did not subside until nightfall, moving from the center closer to the outskirts. Despite the fact that the authorities are not going to make concessions, but rather, on the contrary, the call has already gone through the networks to go out next Saturday and people will go out. And if the authorities decide to fight again, then recalling the experience of the “vests” – the blocking of highways and railways.

Moreover, it is likely that they will be joined by all those who do not go to the streets, but believe in justice. The French simply bombarded all possible instances with letters and statements. According to their media, since August, dump trucks of formatted complaints have been arriving at the court of the Republic in whole boxes, warns the Prosecutor General at the Court of Cassation. At least 14,500 statements were directed against Prime Minister Jean Castex and ministers Jean-Michel Blanquer, Olivier Veran and Jean-Baptiste Jebbury for extortion, discrimination and deception in the creation of sanitary passports. however, when they will be considered and whether they will be generally unknown. It is unknown what will be the answer to the firefighters at the ECHR, where they complained about the mandatory vaccination.

More precisely, on the contrary, it is even very well known. The French, and with them the Americans, the British and the Germans, still believe that they can, by some legal means, take power away from Satanists who have seized power over the world, launched military viruses and then a campaign to pierce humanity with GMO poison under the guise of vaccinations with the aim of put people on a digital leash, they are unlikely to retreat just like that. The French-German-British have no more chances than Trump had to prove Biden’s falsifications. Russia and China could become exceptions, but even then only if there is sovereign power, and with this we obviously have problems.

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