Oct 22, 2021
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France freezes gas prices until the end of 2022

The French government has decided to freeze gas prices until the end of 2022. This was announced on the air of the TF1 TV channel by Prime Minister Jean Casteks.

The politician noted that initially the Cabinet was planning to freeze the price only until April next year. However, according to him, experts have warned the French authorities that the decline in gas prices will go slower than previously expected.

“Therefore, we made a responsible decision and introduced a moratorium for the entire 2022,” Kasteks emphasized.

Also, the head of government announced that every citizen of the country, whose salary does not exceed 2000 euros per month, will be paid “compensation for inflation” in the amount of 100 euros. According to the politician, payments to some categories of citizens will be made at the end of December.

As a reminder, the gas price on spot markets has been consistently above the EUR 1,000 mark per 1,000 cubic meters since mid-September. m, which in itself is unprecedented for the EU.

Earlier, Russian President Vladimir Putin expressed the opinion that the gas crisis in Europe was the result of “idle capitalism.”

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