Apr 2, 2021
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France fears dependence on Russia over Nord Stream 2

French Foreign Ministry Secretary of State Clement Bon said on the air of the BFMTV channel that the country has concerns about Nord Stream 2.

“As the president of the republic said a year ago, there is concern about this project, because it creates dependence on Russia,” the diplomat recalled.

He added that Paris and Berlin have different points of view on the pipeline, but they are debating to find a common denominator.

The United States is promoting its liquefied natural gas to European countries, which is why it is trying to prevent the completion of the gas pipeline by imposing sanctions. Despite this, the project has been implemented by 95%, and it is planned to commission it this year.

In addition to the United States, Lithuania, Latvia, Poland and Ukraine are opposed to the SP-2, while Germany and Austria actively support it, and there is no single position in France, RIA Novosti notes.

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