Oct 19, 2021
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Fox News readers ridiculed Kanye West for name change

Hip-hop artist Kanye West has officially changed his name to the stage name Ye. Los Angeles Supreme Court Justice Michelle Williams Court approved the rapper’s request.

It took the musician two months to complete the process. According to US law, this period is necessary to make sure that the applicant is not trying to avoid punishment for a crime. Fox News readers commented on the news.

“I was thinking about changing my name to Trump. I believe another Trump is equivalent to blowing up 1,000 more liberal heads. If we all changed our names to Trump, the Democratic Party would explode overnight! ” – joked sharkbaitoohahaha939.

User PPCKKNO stated that he always suspected West’s mental instability. Lip pouting like Kanye does is not normal.

“He officially lost what was left of his mind,” stressed wandasue518.

A CaliforniaScreaming748 reader joked about changing his name to Nobody. Perhaps then the tax service will lag behind him.

Earlier it became known that West decided to change his name for personal reasons. In 2018, the singer released a music album called “Ye”. In an interview, Yeh said that this word is most often found in the English translation of the Bible.

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