Apr 28, 2021
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Fostering the mythical “Russian threat”, free thinking is being destroyed in the States

Fostering the mythical

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Svobodnaya Pressa continues to publish translations by authors from alternative Western media. This is far from the kind of propaganda that is printed in CNN, New York Times, Washington Post, Los Angeles Times and other “authoritative” media resources. If you are interested in learning more about these authors, you can take a look here.

In 2016, the director of the CIA John Brennan and FBI director James Comey together with the corrupt Democratic Party began organizing the Russiagate scandal to prevent Trump reduce the risk of nuclear war by normalizing relations with Russia. President Trump tried to nip the new Cold War in the bud, but that was not in the interests of the power and benefits of a military power complex that desperately needs a “Russian threat” as a sense of its existence.

Stephen CohenI and several other experts have expressed concern that tensions between the two nuclear powers have reached levels more dangerous than ever before during the Cold War of the 20th century. Many websites have joined in exposing Russiagate’s planned fabrication.

To discredit these voices, a new website, PropOrNot, suddenly appeared with a list of 200 “Russian agents / fraudsters.” The list includes those of us who raised red flags about Russiagate and the escalation of tensions. The Washington Post confirmed this by reporting on PropOrNot’s accusations that those who do not pursue a hostile policy towards Russia are “agents of Putin“.

A number of falsely accused websites got scared and abandoned the truth. CounterPunch went even further. He abandoned his best and most insightful writers such as Mike Whitney and Diana Johnston… CounterPunch, which once collected, published and sold my collection of essays in book form, suddenly found that it preferred fiction to fact. Other websites that faithfully reproduced all my columns are now becoming selective about which parts of the official narrative they would allow to explore on their sites. This may have been the beginning of a movement to de-platform all who challenge (the official – S. D.) narration.

Threat to those who tell the truth has intensified due to the latest executive order Joe Bidenwho stole the elections and has now declared a “state of emergency” to “deal with the Russian threat.”

Pepe Escobar reports that Biden’s decree opens up an opportunity for every American to be accused of being a Russian agent who undermines US security. Subclause ©, which details “actions or policies that undermine democratic processes or institutions in the United States or abroad,” is so vague that it can be used to eliminate any journalism that supports Russia’s position in international affairs“.

The phrase “supporting Russia’s position” includes an objective description and an impartial analysis of Russian politics. The key point is that, in essence, Biden’s decree positions everyone who objectively reports on Russia’s political positions as a potential threat to the United States.

If we are honest, we will admit that we have experienced the complete collapse of the United States. Truth is banned in the media, school systems and universities if it conflicts with the programs of the elite, supported by official narratives. First Amendment * is dead and buried. Freedom of speech is reserved for official statements such as “systemic racism” and “Russian threat”. Those who exercise their constitutional right are deported or fired.

To understand how the victory of propaganda over truth increases the likelihood of a nuclear Armageddon, consider the difference between the Cold Wars of the 20th and 21st centuries.

In the initial Cold War, both Soviet and American leaders worked to defuse tensions. Agreements were reached on arms control and an anti-missile defense treaty. Regular meetings or summits were held between American and Soviet leaders. Diplomatic decency was maintained. There were agreements that allowed each side to verify that the other side was following the rules.

This process began with the president John F. Kennedy and the First Secretary (Central Committee of the CPSU – S.D.) THE USSR Khrushchev… It continued by the president Reagan and, more or less, the president George W. Bush (father – S. D.). It ended with a regime Clinton and has been going downhill ever since. President Trump intended to reduce dangerous tensions, but he was not allowed (to do so – S. D.). Indeed, his intention was reason enough for the establishment to oust him from office. In 2020, a coup took place, not an election.

During the Cold War of the twentieth century, experts on Russia viewed this threat in different ways, and their differences were publicly expressed. Various assessments were discussed. Those who disagree were not demonized as Russian agents. Today, American experts on Russia believe that Russophobia is a career accelerator. In the twentieth century, the New York Times and the Washington Post supported the peace efforts. Today they are part of the neocon war-mongering propaganda ministry.

The alarming conclusion is that since the Clinton regime, the US government has consistently worked to deteriorate relations with Russia – to the point of publicly demonizing the Russian president and stifling objective debate within the United States. This is the ideal basis for war.

At the same time, carefree Americans have elected governments that have consistently increased the likelihood of nuclear annihilation while addressing the fear of dissent. As I reported on March 17th, “In the United States, the study of Russia has degenerated into propaganda. Recently, two members of the Atlantic Council think tank – Emma Ashford and Matthew Burroughs – suggested that American foreign policy could benefit from a less hostile approach to Russia. Instantly 22 think tank members condemned Ashford and Burroughs’ article. “

Today, even in republican and conservative circles, the expression of doubt about demonization Putin causes discontent (same for China and Iran). The US establishment has succeeded in calling objective analysis “pro-Russian” (pro-Chinese or pro-Iranian). This means that American politicians cannot get objective assessments of the relationship between the United States and Russia.

The “Russian threat” is another hoax that will destroy the world.

Author: Paul Craig Roberts Paul Craig Roberts Doctor of Economics, Undersecretary of the Treasury for economic policy in administration Ronald Reagan… Worked as editor and columnist for The Wall Street Journal, Businessweek and Scripps Howard News Service. IN his time was the author of a constant column in newspaper The Washington Times. Author of numerous books on the biggest problems of our time.

Translated by Sergei Dukhanov.

Published since permissions author.

Copyright © Paul Craig Roberts

* The First Amendment to the US Constitution is part of the Bill of Rights. It guarantees that the US Congress will not support any religion or establish a state religion, prohibit free religion, encroach on freedom of speech, encroach on freedom of the press, or restrict freedom of assembly.

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