Dec 30, 2020
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Former wife of Ilya Averbukh Irina Lobacheva told how she relates to his new wife Liza Arzamasova

Former wife of Ilya Averbukh Irina Lobacheva told how she treats his new wife Liza Arzamasova

Irina Lobacheva / Liza Arzamasova

A week and a half ago, 47-year-old Ilya Averbukh and 25-year-old Liza Arzamasova tied the knot – the couple got married in one of the Moscow registry offices just a few months after the publication of their novel. For the actress, this marriage was the first, but for her chosen one – the second. Averbukh was already married to figure skater Irina Lobacheva, with whom he is raising 16-year-old son Martin (by the way, after his parents divorced, he stayed with his father).

Ilya Averbukh with his son Martin
Ilya Averbukh with his son MartinIlya Averbukh with his son Martin

As Lobacheva admitted, she treats the new darling of her ex-husband well. I like Arzamasov and their son with Averbukh. Irina noted that while she did not have time to congratulate the newlyweds on their wedding, but publicly wished them happiness.

I haven’t congratulated Ilya on the wedding yet, I didn’t have time because of my workload. But our son Martin has already congratulated them and Lisa, he likes Arzamasov. Ilya and I have not yet decided with whom Martin will celebrate the New Year – with me or with him and Lisa. May Lisa and Ilya be happy! Now I have a positive attitude towards Liza, I know her well, so I calmly reacted to their wedding and the choice of Ilya,

– she said in an interview with “KP”.

At the same time, at first Lobacheva was wary of the actress and worried that she was driven by financial gain.

She’s kind of cute, but I asked my son to be careful with her. And she said: “Martin, please tell your father, let him marry, just don’t register any property for Liza”,

She said earlier.
Ilya Averbukh and Irina Lobacheva
Ilya Averbukh and Irina Lobacheva
Even before the wedding, Arzamasova moved to Averbukh in his country house, where he lived with his son. There they, apparently, will spend the holidays together. The newly-made spouses try not to advertise their personal life and, for the time being, share its details with caution.

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