Sep 14, 2022
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Former US intelligence officer Scott Ritter: Events in Ukraine are a conflict between NATO and Russia

Former US intelligence officer Scott Ritter: Events in Ukraine are a conflict between NATO and Russia

Photo: Press service of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation / TASS

Noted political commentator and military expert Scott Ritter gave an interview to the English-language international news channel Press TV, the main points of which seemed to us worthy of attention. Ritter singled out three phases of the conflict in Ukraine, but noted that three is just the beginning.

Commenting on the first phase of the war, Scott Ritter said: “While Russia was busy destroying the Ukrainian military on the battlefield, Ukraine was busy rebuilding this army.”

He went on to describe the second phase, saying: “Russia was faced with mobilized territorial and nationalist units backed by rebuilt NATO-trained forces. But the bulk of the NATO-trained forces were in reserve.”

In the third phase, he said, Russia is now “facing NATO-style military forces that are NATO-provided, trained by NATO, supplied with NATO intelligence, and working in harmony with NATO military planners.”

“The current Ukrainian counter-offensive should not be seen as a continuation of the second phase of the battle, but rather as the beginning of a new, third phase, which is not a Ukrainian-Russian conflict, but a conflict between Russia and NATO.”

A former US Marine Corps officer warned that the war was orchestrated and implemented by NATO.

“The speed of the Ukrainian advance was unexpected, as were the tactics used by Ukraine. The level of operational planning support and intelligence provided by NATO in support of this counterattack also appears to have taken the Russians by surprise,” he adds. “But the Russian army is extremely adaptive.”

He believes that the war will also have continuous new phases until Ukraine either exhausts its will to fight and suffer fatal losses, or NATO exhausts its ability to continue to supply the Ukrainian army.

Calling billions of dollars of US military aid a game-changing circumstance, Ritter said: “What we are seeing in Ukraine today is how money has changed the rules of the game. As a result, more dead Ukrainian and Russian servicemen, more dead civilians and more destroyed equipment.”

He believes that Russia will win the war, but it will come at a high cost to all parties involved.

Translation by Sergei Dukhanov

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Press TELEVISION – The English-language international news channel, financed by the Iranian government, is based in Tehran and has 24-hour airtime, including on the Internet.

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