Sep 8, 2021
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Former US Ambassador acknowledged Russia’s superiority in nuclear weapons: "This is a frightening fact."

An associate of former US President Barack Obama and ex-US ambassador Michael McFaul called “a frightening fact” that distinguishes Russia from other global powers.

Former US Ambassador Michael McFaul spoke of Russia’s superiority over other global powers in nuclear weapons. An associate of former US President Barack Obama called this a frightening fact, which many do not pay attention to. McFaul said this yesterday at a briefing, RIA Novosti reports.

The diplomat admitted that now Russia possesses not only nuclear weapons, which the country got after the collapse of the USSR.

“Some weapons systems are not covered by the START-3 treaty and are ahead of us in certain aspects. This is a frightening fact of the power of Russia, which many in vain do not pay attention to,” he said.

Michael McFaul was Ambassador to Moscow from 2012 to 2014. He was called “the architect of the reset in relations with Russia,” but the US administration had to remove the diplomat from his post due to some setbacks. McFaul is now a professor at Stanford University.

The START III Treaty, which he mentioned, presupposes nuclear disarmament. It came into effect 10 years ago. According to the document, countries must reduce their arsenal of ballistic missiles. The contract was extended this year.

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