Aug 9, 2022
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Former stars are united by resentment towards Russia

At different ends of the world, Bykov and Makarevich wish the Russians a speedy extinction

Dmitry Popov writes about recent events in the new homeland of many of our former compatriots: “As we know, the self-appointed “conscience of the nation” left Russia for Israel. Musician Makarevich even believes that he us fools (in the original another word), “Russia left”. She left, slamming the door loudly – distributing Russophobic interviews, writing “conscientious” songs, telling jokes about “dense Russians”. She left precisely because of the impossibility of living in a country that launched a military operation with her neighbors.

But since his conscience hurts so much, why hasn’t Makarevich still come out in bloody shorts to the Wailing Wall (well, or to some European square where he tours there) with a performance about the horrors of war?

Precisely because it is not their conscience that hurts, but … perhaps it is vulgar and unoriginal to talk about money. Even a celebrity mired in material dreams of high things: to create an airbag and a golden parachute and move with them to where everything is not like in “this country” – civilized, luxurious and without problems. Live like a tourist, not a local, looking at the world from a hotel window. Alas, the wonderful “tourist world” collapsed like an obsolete star. And it’s not about frozen accounts. The fact is that the audience, which rock idols urged not to cave in under the changing world, took the song “fish” for a life motto. And it is completely different for old stars.

“Of course, the rockers didn’t expect such a new turn at all. They imagined how an obedient crowd, charged with their feigned psychosis and hypocritical protest, would smash their state, following the example of numerous southerners from the surrounding territories, surrendering themselves to the power of emotions twisted with figs in the pockets of bass guitarists. But they were taken too literally.”– ironically Philip Fissen.

Some of the audience believed that Andrey Makarevich, the leader of the Russian rock band “Time Machine”, loves his country, people, a new turn in history and is not going to warm arthritic joints at the Dead Sea, but to fight for justice.

Although why would? Since 2018, the leader has suffered: “Something terrible is happening to us … the Russians are turning into evil morons”. And most importantly, the Russians interfere with living the life that Andrei Makarevich always dreamed of. Live in a stable, smiling western paradise. However, the age-old Russian craving for justice demolished this paradise, forcing the world elites to take into account the interests of “second-class people”, about whom Western politicians have been talking and talking to this day: we don’t owe them anything, they are not like us.

Rock band leaders who have made careers and good money out of rebellion are now being asked, “Did you call us to freedom? So we came, lead us!” Where and why? The stars have long reached their goal, but the people need everything somewhere …

Makarevich, in an attempt to look like a rebel, gave an interview to Israeli radio, where he stated that his performances in the Russian Federation were banned. Elena Drapeko, First Deputy Chairman of the Committee on Culture of the State Duma, said: “Officially, we don’t have any prohibitions to perform for artists. Perhaps the producers who organize concerts are just playing it safe and do not want to deal with artists who oppose the CBO.. And she advised the musician who left Russia not to return, because he could be in trouble: “As a citizen of Russia, I want to advise him not to return, because here he will meet the obvious disapproval of many patriots. It’s better for him to sit where he sits.”.

The idol, accustomed to the love of the people, suddenly discovered that love had passed. Through his own fault pseudo-rebel, whose rebellion was enough only to accumulate dividends. He was caught in a lie, he was disappointed. Someone will repeat after Limonov, who said about Makarevich’s speech in 2014: “Rockers are like beautiful women – until they open their mouths, they seem mysterious and mysterious”. But if only rockers with their simple verses and simple dreams…

Just like the public listens to their idols, smart people listen to those who appear as their equal, as smart. For intellectuals, “opening your mouth” is the main activity. For some reason, journalist Dmitry Bykov fell into this category, considering himself a writer, historian, publicist and political scientist at the same time, and good Russians believed him. Thanks to his assertiveness and resourcefulness, Bykov managed to “sell” himself profitably. Today, with the same resourcefulness, he sells the idea of ​​a “genetically and physically sick Russian culture”: “Russian culture is something like ambergris in the stomach of a whale: it smells wonderfully, but in itself is a sign of illness. Russian culture is a bizarre shoot of a diseased tree, a delightful water lily in a deadly swamp overflowing with fetid gases, a multi-colored butterfly fluttering over a sea of ​​sewage. The only problem is that nowhere but this swamp or the fetid sea, this butterfly is impossible. She is a product of her ugly environment.”. Big-bodied Mr. Zilbertrud!

Bykov also called for a change in the Russian mentality, the Russian soul, so that it would be more convenient for him to live without being distracted by “artificial Russian problems”which “The state and the authorities need them to distract society from real development, that is, from living and pressing problems. The main tactic of the state in Russia is to oppose the real and living interests of mankind to all sorts of dangerous, often murderous abstractions.. Real and living interests, obviously, are the same ones, because of which Mr. Bykov, who had eaten to a coma, was taken from Ufa to Moscow on an ambulance plane … Dmitry Bykov likes to pay tribute to real and living interests.

And Bykov hates Russia for a long time and strongly. Wishing her something that you wouldn’t wish on your enemy: “Talking about Russian spirituality, exclusivity and sovereignty actually means that Russia is a junk country with a hopeless population … We must give it the opportunity to sleep peacefully or die of old age, stuffing it with appropriate spectacles”. All these outbursts of malice are covered up by the longest illiterate arguments, as it were, of a culturologist, as of a historian, as of a writer … Offended by the fact that “Bykov’s books were no longer published in Russia” (This, according to Bykov, a specialist in everything in a row, is a sure sign that Russian culture is dying).

The main resentment of Dmitry Bykov is the same as that of the rocker Andrei Makarevich, who survived his fame: it will not work out as he dreamed. The West is in conflict with Russia and is no longer as comfortable as before. So it’s hot at Israel’s side … And that’s all, you know, sick Russian culture with its ridiculous craving for justice, human rights and other things “dangerous abstractions”.

Photo: Moskovsky Komsomolets

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