Mar 31, 2021
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Former Prime Minister of Moldova announced the creation of a new pro-European party

Former Prime Minister of Moldova Ion Chicu announced plans to create a pro-European Party for the Development and Unification of Moldova with the support of a number of ex-ministers from his government, which operated from November 2019 to December 2020. The politician wrote about this on Facebook.

He announced the creation of an initiative group for the formation and registration of a political organization.

“Our main goal is to create all conditions for the integration of the Republic of Moldova into the European Union, since this is the only opportunity to preserve our statehood, to improve the standard of living of our fellow citizens,” the post said.

Chicu stressed that the policy of rapprochement with the European Union will allow Moldova to “build friendly relations with strategic partners” and solve the problem of Transnistria.

The ex-prime minister noted the need to modernize, reform the government and change the administrative-territorial division of the country. Kiku’s team included ex-head of the Ministry of Health Viorica Dumbrevyanu, former Minister of Economy Anatoly Usatyi, heads of other government departments, directors of hospitals and other institutions, TASS specifies.

Chicu headed the Moldovan government following the resignation of the country’s current president, Maia Sandu, as prime minister in November 2019. After Sandu won the 2020 presidential election, she demanded the resignation of the cabinet and early parliamentary elections. Kiku resigned under pressure from opposition protests.

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