May 15, 2021
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Former participants of the show “Dom-2” Pinchuk and Chobanyan announced the date of the wedding

The couple intends to get married before the expecting birth.

Ex-participants of the show

On Friday, May 14, former participants in the TNT television show “Dom-2” Arai Chobanyan and Irina Pinchuk applied to one of the Moscow registry offices. In anticipation of the baby, which should take this summer, the couple intends to officially become a man and a woman. This was reported by the StarHit edition.

The wedding is scheduled for June 3, as if a loving couple told, in fact, on this day two years ago, they began a relationship. Due to the fact that Irina’s pregnancy is disastrous, the triumph will take place in a narrow circle of friends and relatives, and they will make a magnificent wedding after the birth of the child.

The couple hides when the son is planned to be born. However, it is famous that there is a risk of premature birth and the expectant mother is brought to be thrifty and keep bed order.

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