Apr 19, 2021
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Former participant of the show “Bachelor” Daria Pogadaeva said that she would never again participate in such programs

00:29, 04/20/2021

The model believes that the project has become an excellent life experiment for her.

26-year-old Daria Pogadaeva published a post on her microblog on Instagram, in which she talked about her participation in the show “The Bachelor”. The model believes that the television project has given her a great experience. Despite this, Pogadaeva announced that she would no longer take part in such programs.

Daria Pogadaev answered fans’ questions regarding her stay on the 8th season of the show “Bachelor”, where she fought for the heart of rapper Timati. A model from Yekaterinburg explained why she took part in the program. According to Pogadaeva, the show gave her the opportunity to get out of her comfort zone and look at herself from the outside in an unusual environment for her. The model also decided to answer the feminists, who are outraged by this type of show, that no one forced the Bachelor participants to fight for Timati. The contenders for the rapper’s heart wanted to do it themselves.

Daria Pogadaeva

Daria Pogadaeva noted that the show gave her the opportunity to experience incredible emotions and she does not regret that she decided to come to the project. “Of course, in real life I have had unusual dates, but when else can I get so many emotions in a short period ?! This is a great inspiring experience, even when surrounded by a few more girls, ”the former participant wrote in her microblog on Instagram (the spelling and punctuation of the authors hereinafter is given unchanged. – Prim. line). Nevertheless, despite the fact that Pogadaeva liked to be a part of the project, she still believes that this man should fight for the girl’s heart, and not vice versa. Daria clarified that she will no longer participate in such reality shows, since she herself gave herself only one opportunity to participate.

Daria Pogadaeva and Timati

Daria commented on her microblog on Instagram: “In reality, a woman always chooses. I choose who I want to see next to me. And no, the project does not break our psyche, we are adults ”. Pogadaeva also did not forget to mention that the previous participant of the show “The Bachelor” Yegor Creed was especially worried about the subscribers and likes of the participants after the program aired. According to the model, it is normal for the members to become more popular on social media after the show.

For Pogadava, according to her, this was not the main goal, but it became a “pleasant bonus”. “It seems natural when people who are shown on TV get more attention. We do not blame the actors for this) But even within the participants, for some reason such disputes and claims “she came for the sake of subscribers” arise. Although everything is obvious, ”commented Daria.

Participants of the 8th season of the show “Bachelor”

Recall that Daria Pogadaeva left the 8th season of the show “Bachelor” in the 5th episode of the project. At the ceremony of presenting roses, the bachelor invited Daria the very first, but instead of the expected flower, he took Pogadaeva to the car and said goodbye to her. This decision by Timati came as a complete surprise to the model. “I could be wrong, but I constantly thought that I wanted to like you. It does not give me pleasure when a girl deliberately tries to please. Probably we will not succeed and we need to say this in advance on the shore, ”Timati explained his decision. Sitting in the car, Pogadaeva admitted that she had not had time to fall in love with an enviable bachelor.

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