Oct 14, 2020
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Former participant of “House-2” Lera Frost said that the project encourages violence

08:53, 14.10.

The TV star speaks negatively about the show that made her popular.

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Lera Frost was a participant in the Dom-2 TV project for about a year, but she went beyond the perimeter. The girl was able to build a relationship on the project with Zakhar Salenko. However, they did not get along without cameras and parted. Now she recalls her experience of participating in reality exclusively with a negative. Moreover, Lera says that “Dom-2” is not at all suitable for “adequate people”.

After leaving the television project, Lera was able to remain popular and continue to earn. At the moment, Frost works as a TV presenter and starred in series. However, the girl is still remembered for participating in reality. Lera agrees that the show is not the most successful part of her life, because after leaving the project, she has no good memories.

Former participant of "House-2" Lera Frost said that the project encourages violence

“Violence is only encouraged there. When you hit women, you yell, hysterical. There are no real men. I had a case when I got a concussion in the Seychelles. I had a fight with one girl, and her boyfriend ran into me and punched me in the face. Now it's a shame to remember this. After all, when you live among animals, you yourself become a little wild, ”Lera admitted.

In "House-2" Lera was a star. She received the largest salary, but even that did not keep her from leaving the show. At some point, Frost just realized that she had outgrown this place. In addition, the shooting and everything that happened influenced her condition. Lera admits that on the project they constantly tried to break her morally. According to the star, this is always done. If the producers see a strong person, they try to "break" him.

However, this experience made Leroux stronger. Now Frost is building his career and does not want to stop there. True, Lera has not yet been able to create a family. Lera in the YouTube show "Points Nad I" said that she was already mentally ready for the birth of children. She wants her to have a family, but has not yet met a worthy man with whom she could realize all this.

Lera met with Zakhar Salenko

Recall that the media have not been writing about Lera Frost so often recently, since she has not been seen in any scandalous stories. True, last year she was a participant in the "Actually" program. Then the main heroine of the program was the ex-girlfriend of Guf Yana Shevtsova. The girl was also a member of "House-2" and there she was able to attract the attention of Zakhar Salenko, Lera's former lover. In the studio, Frost called Yana a girl of easy virtue, which is why Shevtsova threw a glass of water at her. The security guard who arrived at the studio was able to separate the girls. Yana promised to "destroy" Leroux, and she, in turn, laughed at the blonde and left the studio.

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